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balancing income vs expenditure.... how do you do it?

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    Ok if it makes you feel better the reason I bought my first house was a Siberian husky.  If you are able to keep the houses rented out then there is value in diversification. I think the management company makes sense you are not geographically present.  My husband owns several cheap low income area rental houses for us they are more trouble than they are worth.  They are also hard to sell.  Houses in a military base area are probably ok.


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      Just remember your lifestyle now (and how much that leaves you to save) determines your lifestyle in retirement/time you have to keep working until retirement. Disney channel and an RV make life worthwhile- keep your husband from going insane- and so long as you are saving enough to still have an RV (or pay hotels where you want to travel by then) in your 50s-90s no problem.

      Of course our kids need more and we'll all have more money (if still working same pay) when they are launched but ensure you won't be eating dog food in your 70s so the kids can have filet mignon in your 30s.


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        20% to retirement. Spend the rest without guilt. Certainly I'd go on a desired vacation before paying off a mortgage early.
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