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NY Times Article on Academic Physician Pay Disparity

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  • NY Times Article on Academic Physician Pay Disparity



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    Not surprised.


    My male counterpart makes the same as me (I asked) but he got relocation and I did not . And yes I did ask for it multiple times.



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      I read the article.  I believe they are talking about academic only jobs.  In any kind of surgical field the more cases you do the more you make. I have liked this about OB/GYN since if I work hard I make more.  You really can't discriminate because you are paid according to a fee schedule.  I would not want to be paid by non-transparent criteria.  I think this has long been an issue in academics. Actually when I was a resident the head of infertility was a woman and very well published and respected.  She did not operate at all.  She had two guys under her in the department who did lots of surgery.  She made the most money and they left for elsewhere.


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        Probably field specific too. Dermatologist here - We are paid with base salary + incentive (40% collections above threshold of base) - so you can work more/do more procedures and make more.


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          Is the base salary the same for everyone?