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Will being pregnant affect disability insurance premium rate?

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  • Will being pregnant affect disability insurance premium rate?

    I know, I should have gotten disability insurance in residency.  Now I am starting my 3rd year of being a hospitalist and I'm pregnant for the first time.  Part of finally doing all of the check boxes on my to-do lists is getting disability insurance.  How much will my premiums be affected by currently being pregnant?

    I've searched the forums extensively but weren't able to find a direct answer.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It can throw off your medical and bump you into a higher bracket.

    However they should be able to account for that.

    Nevertheless, it's not ideal.


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      My wife was pregnant when we got her disability.  They just made us sign a thing saying that we could not have disability coverage for anything related to the current pregnancy, but other then that, I think that it was the same standard coverage.


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        We just did this for life insurance for DW with no issues, not sure if disability would be the same.  I personally would reach out to one of the insurance agents listed on this site (I’ve used Larry Keller for disability and life and have been happy) and see what they can do for you.  Good luck!