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Side work from Home during Leave?

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  • Side work from Home during Leave?

    Does anyone have ideas for gigs that can be done from home for a physician who is unable to physically work for the short term (<=6 months), but is able to work from a computer at home without limitations?

    The scope would be tasks that would be relatively specific to a knowledge/skill set of an attending level physician, and also would be a short term time commitment per gig/job/task. Not looking for a career change here, just a way for a physician to make some money while otherwise unable to practice clinically. I'm thinking of work more sophisticated than finding and filling out as many physician-directed surveys as possible, though I suppose thats an idea if all else fails.

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    Sell out and work for an insurance company doing reviews and hassling doctors?


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      I would suggest considering reviews. I am doing some for companies including MES Solutions, Advanced Medical Reviews, Exam Coordinators Network.

      It's only "selling out" if you base your opinion on what the requesting agency wants to hear.

      If you call it like you see it, you are giving your honest opinion, not "selling out."


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        Apologies my post was somewhat sarcastic.  However my experience with said reviewers has not been impressive.  I do wonder if the insurance companies continue to hire you if you do not deny enough claims..  Certainly would be wonderful to have reasonable reviewers.


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          childday, fair point.

          When talking to some colleagues who have done such reviews, I found a mixed bag.

          So my "plan" to preserve my integrity is:

          -don't be financially dependent on doing them (it's not my first or second or third job ... it's more my fifth job)

          -work with multiple companies and also work independently

          -if a company tries to influence your objective judgment, tell them to go to ************************ (in nicer words)

          So far it's working out.


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            I believe online work would be best for you and you can be a writer for a website specially those who had blog site. There is a website who offering services and/or products that also related to your profession which is much easier for you to create a content and you can work this kind of website in a short time or per production. Secondly, you might also consider to have your own blog which the revenue is based on advertisement.
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            Yea, but having your own website doesn't raise revenue any time soon. It's more of a long-term investment.
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              I believe telemedicine is on the rise, don't know much about it, but have friends who are dong it from home and seems to generate some income