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  • SEAK conference and course materials

    Looking to see if anyone has attended a SEAK conference recently and any thoughts/opinions you had about the experience?

    I've read great reviews online but was hoping to hear from someone who actually attended or purchased the training DVDs. I am looking to increase my side hustle consulting gigs and thought one of these conferences or training materials could be helpful.

    I am debating between the following two options:

    1. In-person course on February 9-10, 2019 in Clearwater, FL: $1295

    2. The course in the form of training on DVD: $895

    Thanks in advance!


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    Great course! I went in person and learn better with other people. Its actually very interactive and not just lectures all day. Youll leave confident in starting your consulting practice. My only regret was not bringing the family for the weekend.. its a nice hotel right on the beach.


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      I would be interested in attending to learn, meet other attendees, and network. I would have little interest in the video course.


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        I went to the Chicago SEAK conference last year, which was the overall non-clinical careers course and not a focused course like the one you are looking at.  I think the course had some value, but probably was not worth what I paid for it as parts of it were poorly organized.

        That may not really apply to the course you're looking at though, since it is more of a how-to on a single topic.