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It's Tax Day - do YOU know where your CPA is?

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  • It's Tax Day - do YOU know where your CPA is?

    Thought forum participants might like to know that our office closed at noon CST today and will all be playing Breakout in an hour. I've never done a group breakout and hope the youngsters will carry my water :-) - but looking forward to it!

    We have closed at noon on tax day for about 10 years now, and our clients know not to wait until late in the afternoon to call with an emergency. How can do we do this? We made a group decision a long time ago that poor planning on another person's part does not constitute an emergency on our part. (And because we have our crap together.)

    Hope all the rest of you all enjoy a stress-free tax day, too!
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    Looks fun. Congratulations!
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      Good for you!  I like that mentality.


      As for my CPA... we don't have one.  Where's my tax preparer?  *raises hand*

      I always files as soon as our docs come in, but I goofed this year.  We got our retirement accounts and rolled over accounts into IRAs, and backdoor Roths.  I forgot in establishing the retirement accounts we also opened a brokerage account, and I filed before I got the 1099-div  (oops).  But... I was a little annoyed.  I thought all had to be out by Feb 1, and Feb 15 for some.  This one wasn't sent to us until Feb 23 (that's the creation date on the email, the mailed form came later).  So I had to amend my returns and send money back.  But now I know for next year, and the 1099 is in the system so when I see we don't have it yet... I'll know not to file