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  • Summer plans and updates

    Similar to my specialty topic let's hear what's going on, copy and post.


    Current book: Meat Eater by Steven Rinella

    Current TV show: Arrested Development Season 4 reboot (prepping for S5 binge), ER (watching with wife on Hulu)

    Current music: Jason Isbell

    Best new thing: Stay Focused App (social media time limiting App for Android, 35 min/day for twitter, 15 for Insta, 0 for Fb)

    Last movie seen: Last Jedi (huge disappointment)

    Summer trips: Pensacola, Greece in Aug for daughter's baptism

    Last financial goal met: zero non-mortgage debt other than last payment on 0% departmental loan for wife

    Next financial goal: front load 529 for baby



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    Fun idea!

    Current book: Leonardo Da Vinci (Walter Isaacson)

    Current TV show: Victoria/PBS (wrapping up season 2), Succession/HBO (up next)

    Current music: Dead and Co summer tour (downloads and live streams), Diana Krall concert next week

    Best new thing: Aftershokz Trekz Headphones (uses bone conduction, great sound, comfort and convenience for walking/running -

    Last movie seen: Apollo 13 (over the weekend, for the 13th time - LOL), I rarely see the latest cinematic productions

    Summer trips: NYC tomorrow (daughter performing in Broadway cabaret show), Northern Michigan in July, Bar Mitzvah of friend's son in Palm Beach, FL in August, trying to talk wife into low budget Euro escape in early September (still technically summer)

    Last financial goal met: Stopped contributing to son's 529 and started disbursements

    Next financial goal: Inching toward next NW milepost (not including house and 529s and such) - not much left to do but mark time


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      Current book: Educated ( at least I'm going to attempt to read it)

      Current TV show: Arrested Development Season 4 reboot (prepping for S5 binge), rewatching Community

      Current music: whatever my 10 yo is listening to obsessively on Alexa

      Best new thing: The back view out of our new house!

      Last movie seen: A Quiet Place

      Summer trips: CA to meet my new niece, VT just for fun, maybe back to TX to see family. Several camping and weekend trips to nearby hotspots. I love summer!!!!!

      Last financial goal met: put 20 percent down on the new house, replenished emergency fund.

      Next financial goal: pay cash for landscaping and renovations.


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        Current book: Educated ( at least I’m going to attempt to read it)

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        It's very good, kind of a crazy story. Very sad ultimately.

        Some interesting medical stuff e.g. completely untreated major injuries etc.


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          Current book: "The Soul of America" by John Meacham, also "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker, PhD

          Current TV show: Changes often.  I too have been watching Arrested Development re-runs though

          Current music: Gatecreeper, Obituary, Iron Reagan, Amon Amarth

          Best new thing: Got a new camera lens for our trip to Germany next week.  27 mm f2.8 "pancake" lens which fits neatly into my small backpack (traveling light this time).

          Last movie seen: The Return of the Living Dead, kind of on an 80's horror film binge right now

          Summer trips: Germany family trip with the in-laws

          Last financial goal met: Roth's funded for the year. Taxable funding has started.  Ongoing debt pay off. Refinanced mortgage to 15 yr at 3.25%

          Next financial goal: Finish paying off debt.  Build taxable. Continue to max 401k, HSA.


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            The fact that 2 other members have cited Arrested Development makes this thread a raging success IMHO.


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              Fun thread.  Thanks for posting.  And congrats on the baby, MPMD!

              Current book: The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk (next up is The Boy Crisis)

              Current TV show: Narcos

              Current music: 80's, otherwise classic rock, The Dead, oldies

              Best new thing:  T-Mobile discounted plan w/ free Netflix

              Last movie seen:  Infinity War (meh)

              Summer trips: Pensacola, Kennedy Space Center (ideally would like to see a launch too), possibly the dreaded premature Disney trip

              Last financial goal met:  Hitting savings rate goal for 2017, Getting my wife to go on a budget

              Next financial goal:  Saving for house down payment


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                Current book: Stepmonster

                Current TV show: don't really watch TV

                Current music: Listening to new Beach House and Chvrches album. Saw Justin Timberlake last week (and brought the baby). Going to see U2 next week (fiancé works in rock concerts aka free concerts for life).

                Best new thing: 

                Last movie seen: Sadly I can't remember

                Summer trips: Nothing major. Going to NYC today for a conference and will be having drinks with Vagabond MD . Going to coastal MA to see in laws and SIL. And lots of concerts.

                Last financial goal met: We are debt free!

                Next financial goal: Unsure, retirement accounts will be funded this year. Maybe save for a downpayment?


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                  Wow Bonnie and VagabondMD.

                  Current books Sapiens and Leonardo DaVinci.

                  Current netflix binge.  Sons of Anarchy (reminds me of my college boyfriend).

                  Last movie.  The shape of water.

                  Next trip.  Austin, TX to visit family.

                  Music.  Classic rock.  Led zeppelin

                  Financial goals.  I think they are met.

                  Best new thing.  Giving myself an Apple watch for retirement.


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                    Current book: An introduction to Mathematical modelling (I think this will take me 6 months to finish with my schedule lol).

                    Current TV show: Rewatching Lost (would love a remake...). Midway through black mirror (highly recommended).

                    Current music: Don't listen to music much. NBA and NCAA football/sports podcasts.

                    Best new thing: My 6 month old kid and his fat rolls.

                    Last movie seen: Espn films: the fab five.

                    Summer trips: Bay Area (done), Summer camping trip, Austin and San antonio trip, Alaskan cruise, Europe trip to Spain and Portugal, Possible Destin trip.

                    Last financial goal met: 1 million in income.

                    Next financial goal: 1.2 million in income.


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                      Current book: The Mission, The Men, and Me

                      Current TV show: walking wife through Scrubs for her first time

                      Current music: Trap Nation on Youtube for workouts

                      Best new thing: Apple Watch series 3 (med school grad gift)

                      Last movie seen: Avengers: Infinity Wars- must see (watch other movies first)

                      Summer trips: none- starting intern year on Monday  ops:

                      Last financial goal met: applied for new term life 20 yr 500K policy and own occ disability policy before starting residency on this coming Monday

                      Next financial goal: Keep $10K set aside for baby expenses (then to be reimbursed by MediShare cost sharing insurance)


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                        Current book: Just finished "White Coat Investor"    (took me forever to get it; there were 15 copies in the library system and 25 holds!)

                        Current TV show: Don't watch TV regularly, but eagerly anticipating the Sense8 special (refuse to call it a finale)

                        Current music: Les Mis (going to see it again next weekend!)

                        Best new thing: new hiking boots for summer adventures

                        Last movie seen: Avengers: Infinity war

                        Summer trips: Mt. Rainier camping for 5 days, road trip to Glacier Park, parents visiting my potential in-laws (gulp)

                        Last financial goal met: accepted to in-state med school

                        Next financial goal: save enough for med school living expenses before finishing work and starting school


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                          Current book: Hillbilly Elegy- it's provided me a window into my in-laws and many of my patients.

                          Current TV show: None. Hoping to watch some World Cup in a few weeks.

                          Current music: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

                          Best new thing: Red Pocket (esp when heavily discounted)

                          Last movie seen: Emperor's New Groove (I haven't seen an "adult" movie in years)

                          Summer trips: Savannah, Appalachian camping/kayaking, our local L&D wing towards the end of summer.

                          Last financial goal met: Paid off student loans and >50% gross savings rate first year in practice.

                          Next financial goal: Look at the spreadsheets less often.  We are doing fine.


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                            Current book: Solve for Happy.

                            Current TV show: Watching Parks and Rec with husband and son.  On Season 4. Only have time to do 1-2 episodes every 2-3 days.

                            Current music: Fleetwood Mac. Husband taking me to see them in concert.

                            Best new thing:  I challenged myself to try a weight-lifting class at the Y and surprisingly am really enjoying it.

                            Last movie seen: Avengers: Infinity War...twice so far.

                            Summer trips: Beach this weekend then college tours for son.

                            Last financial goal met: Set up Solo-401K to roll over my tIRA so now I can Backdoor Roth.  Rolled my husband's old SEP into his 401K so now he can Backdoor Roth also.

                            Next financial goal:  Just keeping on with our plan.  Trying to focus less on finance and let time work its magic.


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                              Best new thing.  Giving myself an Apple watch for retirement.
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                              Has the Apple watch replaced the gold watch as the retirement gift of choice?