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New "Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi"

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  • New "Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi"

    Looks like the new Visa credit card for Costco will have nice rewards:

    4% back on gas purchases at Costco and other gas stations (on up to $7,000 spent per year)

    3% back on restaurants and most travel purchases

    2% back at Costco and

    1% back on everything else

    Beats the current Costco Amex rewards. 4% back on Costco's gas is a great deal. In upstate NY Costco gas is notably much cheaper than any other gas station and to receive 4% back is great.

    I will be using my Amex Blue Cash Preferred 6% back on groceries, Costco Citi card for 4% back on Costco gas, either card for 3% back on restaurants and then Amazon Prime card for 5% back which will essentially cover any purchases I make.

    I am not one for multiple credit cards or revolving benefits but it appears that I am now going to be up to 3 credit cards.....sigh.


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    Is there an annual fee?


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      No annual fee if you don't count the membership fee for Costco.


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        wow, that is actually a great card. I was hoping the reward structure would make it more than just my costco card, and i think it may be one of the main cards I use now.  Now I also have 3 cards that are part of my rotation (AMEX preferred for 6% on groceries and Barclay arrivals+ for 2.1% on travel and no foreign transaction fees)...unfortunately all with annual fees too but my spending more than covers them. hopefully the rewards will last for a while and they are not just teasers to attract new customers.


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          Tell me about the Amazon Prime 5% card?

          I have Amazon Prime, however just the regular Amazon card--which is 3% cash back at Amazon and 1% every where else.


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            Tell me about the Amazon Prime 5% card?

            I have Amazon Prime, however just the regular Amazon card–which is 3% cash back at Amazon and 1% every where else.
            Click to expand...

            It's called the Amazon Prime Store Card offered through Synchrony Bank.

            It's like one of those store-specific cards that can't be used anywhere else. It gives you 5% cash back on every purchase and automatically does so with each statement. $0 annual fee (well, aside from the fact that you must be a Prime member to apply for it). Pretty neat card for someone who frequently shops on Amazon


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              What is the Costco membership fee?


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                $55 for regular membership


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                  New Costco VISA is a nice card.

                  May fav for the BoAers out there is the BoA Travel Rewards VISA.  If you keep a combo of 100k in BoA checking and Merrill Edge (can use vanguard ETFs), you obtain platinum honors status and get 2.625% cash back on everything (75% rewards bones), no limit.  No annual fee. Great workhorse card.

                  I use BoA Cash rewards card for gas (5.25% cash back) and groceries (3.5%) cash back under the same platinum honors rewards bonus, but $1500 quarterly limit on spend.  No annual fee.

                  I use Amex Simply Cash Business to get 3% on all restaurant/coffee spending and 5% on other stuff like wireless cellphone bill and Staples (which can buy gift cards for almost anywhere for 5% cash back!).

                  This new Costco card could help me simplify if I someday decide to dump the BoA/Merrill Edge two-step.

                  I spend a ton on Amazon but to date have resisted getting a 4th card such as Prime Store Card for 5% Amazon, but I probably should.