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No More Lifetime Returns at LL Bean

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    Well, this disrupts my Total Return strategy...


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      Reminds me of this guarantee from a fellow I canyoneer with (and buy gear from):

      "We guarantee that canyoneering will beat the crap out of your gear and your body but if you think there's a problem with the manufacturing of something you bought from us, give us a call and we'll talk about it."
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        Reminds of of this guy trying to return a table tennis table

        Was this guy wrong to try to return a rusted 10-year-old outdoor table tennis table? Should the lifespan be > 10 years?
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        How long should a product rated for outdoors be returnable with a satisfaction guarantee. This will be one of the questions with LL Beans new one year no questions asked return policy. They said every thing else will be a case by case "fair solution" basis.

        If I buy something at LL Bean and it only lasts a few years and they won't replace it, I'll probably going elsewhere. I love their products, but they are pricey and I have had to return a few products that failed/wore out prematurely.

        I think ten years in FL might be a bit much, but how long should an outdoor ping pong table last?


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          I have not purchased anything from LL Bean in at least ten years. I am not sure whatever happened to my Maine Hunting Boots— I think I replaced them years ago with boots that are actually comfortable.

          As far as returns, I did return a 15 year old Patagonia light jacket for zipper failure and replacement years ago, and then I later replaced the jacket completely and sold it on eBay.

          Kudos to LL Bean, a former favorite of mine (in the 80’s and 90’s) for no longer taking crap from people (literally).


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            I have not bought any LL Bean items in a long time.  It used to be one of my favorites.   I don't think I knew it had a lifetime return policy.  I have had items repaired by Patagonia.  Most of the time I think of clothing as a disposable item.  Very few items do I treasure enough to get them repaired.