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    Any recommendations on good books/other resources to run a small group practice?- management of costs, whether to lease or buy office real estate, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Suddenly Solo is pretty basic if you want a broad overview to get started, but I don't know if you are just now starting or trying to improve your practice. He lists resources at the back of the book. It was published in 2013. Any book that is much earlier is likely outdated. I'm sure WCI has some great thoughts and he recommends The Medical Entrepreneur in the resource section of this site.
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      Thank you Johanna! Will check out both books... idk why, I didnt see that book in the resource section.

      As for my practice situation- both those scenarios apply- i am trying to start up and my husband has just started a small group independent practice. We do realize that small grps/solo practices are getting squeezed in this environment and want to make sure we dont make too many expensive mistakes in the professional arena (as we unfortunately have in our personal finances) going forward.


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        I've never read it but heard good things about The E-Myth Physician: Why Most Medical Practices Don't Work and What to do About It.
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          The title sounds promising, thank you Larry!