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Any experience with HCA critical care jobs?

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  • Any experience with HCA critical care jobs?

    Hi everyone-I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with HCA as an employer, particularly with critical care jobs. I have only done a brief search so far but not much info out there and apparently they are a large company. I am wondering if their model/practice is similar to that of EM CMGs. Any info or opinions would be appreciated publicly or privately! Thanks in advance!

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    No personal experience, but one of my partners worked for HCA for a few years doing pulm/CC. To say that he had a negative experience with them would be an understatement. In my discussions with him, the error he made was in assuming that they saw him as a valuable human being worthy of respect rather than an advanced widgit-maker who could fill a position that needed filling. I imagine this attitude is not unique to HCA, but rather a symptom of corporate medicine in general. My advice is that if you end up pursuing a job in corporate medicine, assume they are out to screw you over at every turn and never agree to do anything that isn't specified in the contract.


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      No personal experience either, but something something tells me working for the largest for profit hospital operator with a $32B market cap wouldn't give you much leverage...


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        No knowledge of critical care specifically but hca is The absolute worst of the worst (at least in my specialty in our regional market)