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  • 15hrsaday
    Blink's model is a step toward making patients better consumers, I think. Any tiny sliver of transparency in the economics of medicine is progress IMO.

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  • jfoxcpacfp
    That's interesting. I entered 2 prescriptions and one had a highly overstated retail ($121.01 versus the $9.94 I paid) but the 2nd was accurate and about 1/3 the price ($9.34 versus the $28.03 I paid). I use a locally-owned pharmacy so don't know how the prices would compare to the big chains that use Blink.

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  • ndayev6
    started a topic Thoughts on Blink Health

    Thoughts on Blink Health

    I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Blink Health?

    This company along with GoodRx appear to have the potential to alter the landscape for prescription costs. For those of you that are unfamiliar, the process with Blink Health works as such:

    1. have prescription sent to your pharmacy

    2. go online to Blink Health to pay & print Blink voucher (no prescription needed for order on website)

    3. go to pharmacy of choice and show them Blink Voucher and your prescription (or they have it on file from your doctor's office) and leave with medication without cash transaction at the pharmacy

    I have never used it. However, when searching medication prices on their website, I am impressed. I will plan on talking to my patients about it and can even pull it up with the medication they need with a price on screen. In addition, for those of us with a HDHP who are likely paying for medications out of pocket, this is a helpful tool.