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Prez candidate financial disclosures

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  • Zaphod
    Wow, I looked at Carsons, his speaking fees are probably on the low end but even then its a lot and prolific. Also BOD on some big companies pays very well.

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  • jfoxcpacfp
    started a topic Prez candidate financial disclosures

    Prez candidate financial disclosures

    A publication asked me to review the financial disclosure forms of the candidates. Pretty interesting if you're into the election. If you were following E5797's thread and thought he had too many funds, take a look a Jeb Bush's portfolios. I've looked through most of them. Hillary's is, not surprisingly, a little lacking in information. The Donald's is fascinating (and long). Bernie's is about what you would expect - sparse. Cruz - lot of GS activity going on. See anything unexpected?