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Interesting Interview With Jaron Lanier-Considered Father of VR

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  • Interesting Interview With Jaron Lanier-Considered Father of VR

    "So if you zoom ahead to the 1950s or so, Norbert Wiener, one of

    the founders of computer science after Alan Turing and Jon van

    Neumann, wrote a book called 'The Human Use of Human Beings,' and

    in that book he points out that a computer (which at that time

    was a very new and exotic device that only existed in a few

    laboratories) could take the role of the human researcher in one

    of these experiments. So, if you had a computer that was reading

    information about what a person did and then providing stimulus,

    you could condition that person and change their behavior in a

    predictable way. He was saying that computers could turn out to

    have incredible social consequences. There’s an astonishing

    passage at the end of 'The Human Use of Human Beings' in which he

    says, “The thing about this book is that this hypothetical might

    seem scary, but in order for it to happen, there'd have to be

    some sort of global computing capacity with wireless links to

    every single person on earth who keeps some kind of device on

    their person all the time and obviously this is impossible.”

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    This is a great piece, thanks.