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What do you spend your \"fun money\" on?

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    I missed this thread, the first time around, because I was traveling in Spain. And, not coincidentally, that is where most of my "fun money" goes, travel.

    For more fun, I am thinking of starting a foundation to re-educate morons.

    Congrats to @DMFA on the baby. Maybe he will take his moderator foot off my throat for a bit while he is busy changing diapers and stuff.


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      In my pre medicine life I was a DJ so now that I’m making money again I’m working on a nice Home audio studio with the newest digital turntables and audio equipment. Otherwise it’s video games and good wine and food and HCOL in NorCal wine country.


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        Art. painting, sculptures, rugs, cute clothes.


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          Skis, boots and lift tickets


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            Tesla 3. Nice vacations. Fatty foods


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              Vacations and dining out


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                Much like a number of you, I splurge on travel and craft beer, often simultaneously.

                I've bought many a camera lens, but I'm no longer an early adopter of electronics like I was 10 to 20 years ago.

                If the Vikings had made the Super Bowl, I might have splurged on some $3,000+ tickets, but alas, that will have to wait.




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                  Now that we are FI, business class on international flights


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                    College football (seat donation, tix and hotels really add up), hunting/fishing, craft beer


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                      Audiobooks, video games, board games, kickstarter.


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                        1) Nice vacations, Spain was the last one and I really enjoyed that country. Prague and later Antartica are coming up soon.

                        2) The boat, somehow it keeps asking for more and more....


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                          Definitely hobbies and travel for me.  I've had lots of different hobbies over the years.  We're settling down a little bit with the traveling since we're in debt pay off mode.  But, I still have a couple of trips planned this year.  When we are traveling I do some photography (landscapes) as a hobby as well.

                          I have an expensive hobby that I've been in and out of over the years.  Currently getting back into it...Reef Aquariums.  I grow corals. It's very expensive to start, but if you're successful, you can make the money back by selling pieces of coral to other people.  I really like building things and watching things grow so it's a perfect hobby for me.


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                            2) The boat, somehow it keeps asking for more and more….
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                            I wonder when you will have the second happiest day of a boat owner's life.... 


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                              As a family: vacations and marginal luxuries (like upgrades on longer flights)

                              Me personally: hunting, gaming, bourbon/scotch


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                                WCICON24 EarlyBird

                                What do you splurge on? Hobbies? Cars? Model trains?

                                What are your guilty pleasures? Don’t worry, I won’t tell WCI.


                                I like video games, computers, technology in general.
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                                Boat, gas, toys for hobbies (skis, surfboard, climbing gear, biking gear, camping gear etc.)
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