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AAEM President Murdered

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  • AAEM President Murdered

    For you E.R. doctors out there - you may have heard this very sad news:


    Kevin Rodgers, MD FAAEM

    [email protected]

    Kevin RodgersA graduate of the University of Virginia and the Physician Associate Program at Emory University, Dr. Rodgers completed medical school at the Medical College of Virginia and his Emergency Medicine residency at Brooke Army Medical Center in 1990. He served as one of the Program Directors there until 1998 when he moved to Indianapolis and joined the faculty at Methodist Hospital / Indiana University. Dr. Rodgers has served on the Board of Directors for 9 years, including as Secretary-Treasurer, and was a previous Chair of the Education Committee. He is currently Professor and Program Director at Indiana University.

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    I didn't realize he was the Brooke Army Medical Center PD. That actually explains a lot. They're very pro AAEM there. So is IU come to think of it.

    I confess my first thought when I read the headline was that the CMGs hired a hitman.

    May his family and friends be consoled and may he rest in peace. And may the murderer be brought to justice swiftly.
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      RIP  :cry:


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        This is very sad.  Those of us that learned from him use his pearls of wisdom daily.  He was the kindest, most passionate staff we had.  The world of EM and medicine lost a legend.


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          sad story.

          super nice guy.

          extremely talented educator who led a top-drawer EM training program.


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            The caught some of the suspects.




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              WCICON24 EarlyBird
              A murder ruins many lives- the murderee, his family and friends, the murderer, his family and friends...there are no winners here, just varying degrees of losers.

              It's nice to know this guy is off the streets though. Didn't know Rodgers was into lacrosse either.
              Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011