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    I think that medicine will long remain a career that provides the highest GUARANTEED earnings over the course of a normal 30-40 year career (if it doesn’t, we will have problems because the best/brightest will not flock toward medicine).  That said, medicine is not necessarily the quickest or easiest path to a normal FI number (1-3 million) by age 40.

    What careers do you think are the quickest or easiest path to $1M-$3M by age 40? And are you thinking of this in terms of also adjusted for probability of getting there in a given career path, or a different way?
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    Part-time work for UPS in high school, full time at age 18, with plenty of overtime and diligent saving, easily a millionaire by age 40, no college required ????

    Other skilled labor like welding, etc., with little to no college/training.

    With college, probably engineering, can get a job out the gate making good money, even make good money as an intern during college, plus engineers tend to be pretty frugal in general.
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    youth is wasted on the young.  they are unlikely to 1)make as much as you and 2)unlikely to care about early retirement.  if only to spite the parents.  



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      I would suggest it is almost important to consider what machine learning and automation is likely to be able to do in the future. Some careers that are good now may have an oversupply in a few decades as the machines take over.


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        Interested if anyone has thought of this?
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        Just tell them to move to Canada.


        And I'm a fan of a liberal arts education. I think that's a requirement.