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Does anybody have Vanderbilt connections?

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  • Does anybody have Vanderbilt connections?

    I am looking into offering to teach a periodic finance education seminar to med students at Vanderbilt, which happens to be the nearest med school to us. Just to assure you that I'm not cherrypicking, our recent CFP/CPA hire lives in Nashville and, as many of you may know, my VIP family lives there (a.k.a. grandchildren) so I'm down quite a bit.

    I hope it goes without saying, but I'll say it, anyway: we do not plan on selling anything but we would work to be as useful as possible. We may wind up with clients as a result, we may not, but I would hope to develop some relationships and make a bit of inroad into the NWM space.

    No need to reply in public. If you would be willing to vouch for my knowledge and willingness to help to an acquaintance there, or if you would like to know more about my thoughts beforehand, would you please send me a pm? I would greatly appreciate it and I also promise not to abuse anyone's trust in me.
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