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Tubbs Fire and emergency evacuation preparedness

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  • Tubbs Fire and emergency evacuation preparedness

    As some of you know, my wife and I evacuated (with our son and pup) on Monday morning at 2am from the Northern Cali fires. Despite all the planning I had done for earthquake evacuations, I was not ready to have to leave so quickly. I left a safe with vital documents, etc in our garage and am hoping it will be there when I return.


    Anyway, here is a post that I wrote about the experience and what you should consider in an Emergency Evacuation Kit.

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    Thank you, EJ, for bringing your experience up close and personal to those of us in the rest of the country. Can hardly believe you are able to blog about this awful night so quickly - that's amazing to me.

    While earthquakes and tornados tend to be regional threats, fire can happen to anybody and your emergency preparedness kit is a great idea. Also, using the cloud for photos, backups, even copies of insurance policies and other necessary documents would make all the difference if this should happen to any of us.
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      Holy ************************ man!  What a crazy experience!  And whoever that was that knocked on your door that night probably saved your life!  Wow.  I can't imagine.

      Definitely a "bug out bag" is a necessity if you live somewhere prone to natural disasters (like California).  Wildfires will likely to become more and more prevalent in decades to come as climate change rages on, again especially in places like California.

      Glad you made it out alright, keep us posted on the aftermath when you finally get to return to your house.


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        That definitely hit home. I am glad you and your family are alright. I don't even have a safe or emergency kit. Will get on the list . Thanks for sharing.


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          wow glad you are safe.

          can we help send you anything?  just let us know.



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            Glad you guys are okay and what an awful experience.  Also, thanks for sharing the details and providing insight on what to have ready in an evacuation kit.  It is something I will immediately share with my clients.


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              Thanks for sharing, EJ.

              I'm terribly sorry you lost your home and possessions, but glad you and your family escaped unharmed. I saw the pictures of what was once your home on Twitter. Unreal. I pray for those who weren't so fortunate and for the hundreds that are still missing.


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                Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing and for the excellent advice. It might be worth having an annual or semi-annual evacuation drill, especially if you live in an area prone to fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods (which means just about everyone).


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                  We have a plan courtesy of my seven year old and the recent visit to the fire station.