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Cruise Ship vs Assisted Living Center

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  • Cruise Ship vs Assisted Living Center

    This is one of those "What the..." moments when I saw this article.  Maybe being a doc on a ship is a good FI PT gig too.  Then you can transition right into being a FT resident on the ship instead of moving into any type of assisted living facility.


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    I think I’d rather be in an assisted living home than on a cruise.


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      I've heard of this a few times but never looked at the numbers.

      It's a lot more exciting to tell your friends and family you're going on a year long cruise than go into an assisted living facility.

      But you'd have to be a person who really likes cruises.  And sleeping in a closet in the steerage section every night.   :lol:


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        Cruise ship would be a nightmare for me because I hate cruises, But would also be tough to know when to pull the trigger and get that pt home. Logistics would have to be a nightmare

        My patient rode out a cruise because the np said he just had a virus. Well he finally gets off and ends up coding with a horrific viral cardiomyopathy

        Nothing easier than writing abx for uti's and sending grandma to the er with any cough


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          When I was a resident doing a rotation at a clinic in Cozumel, I took care of a patient who had an episode of Afib with RVR while diving.  We got him rate controlled and recommended admission but he refused since his cruise ship was leaving that evening.  He returned several hours later, even more tachycardic:  Turns out the cruise officials would not let him back on board.  Being sick is bad enough...being sick while stranded in a rinky dink clinic in a foreign country while your favorite tshirt/laptop/toothbrush/etc sails away to a different foreign country would really take the cake.

          I've been scared of cruise ships ever since....


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            We just got home from the rockiest cruise ever. I can't imagine that being a safe environment for an older person, as I nearly fell one night ( and I wasn't even drinking!) This seems like a pretty terrible idea to me. 5 days every few years is about all I can stand on a ship.


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              I dont think I could do it, the incentives are terribly misaligned and the demographic is not in a good range for likelihood of "boring" issues. You'd likely want to send every non obvious trivial issue out, which Im sure is the opposite of the companies desires. Dont send someone out and given logisitics and particular location it could be a death sentence. No thanks.