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    Some ppl might be interested in knowing if you are spayed or neutered.
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    exactly.  who knows if anyone here is telling the truth?  you are asking to spend the night with an internet axe murderer.

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    I cannot image that people could be so risk averse to the point of asininity.

    Did you know that solo female travelers have been traveling around Europe and Asia, often staying with strangers on .. staying at hundreds of these free arrangements, many traveling the world for 1-3 years? How do you think Couchsurfing is still in business? It because you almost never hear of anything bad happening. You probably have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than being raped or murdered by a stranger you meet online (in a similar arrangement to this, a business or meetup social site, airbnb, couchsurfing, etc.)

    Its a new world but people are still living in fear like the 1940-50s.
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    it's funny because i thought you were a military physician.  why do we need a military?

    i never heard of couchsurfing before but a quick google search shows a lot of 1 star reviews and complaints of terrible business practices and also sexual harassment.


    and this




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      Are we back to social paranoia? I though that was for the Airbnb hosting thread.

      Please, no guns in shared accommodations.. If you're paranoid stay at home - it's safer. Also best to not talk to strangers


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        1-star reviews and "terrible business practices" have nothing to do with what I said. Plenty of restaurants have those things Have a good one!


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          I think Johanna needs a new profile pic clearly showing her hands are free of any axes

          I would be interested in airbnb, etc. I am a non-skier (seems to be the most important dichotomizer--if that's a word) and male.

          I know nothing about the area but do love eating out whilst vacationing/CME-ing.

          We best be careful before this forum turns into the next Craigslist/, what with all these personal ads


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            Actually, non-skiers fine too! Only difference for skiers is the desirability of a ski-in mountainside location. There are some nice 3-4 bedroom houses available. Could be a lot of fun.

            Mixing foxes and beagles on the other hand…
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            Now that was LOL funny.

            I’m up for an adventure if you don’t fill your house as long as the view is nice. I can whip up some mean cheese grits for breakfast, too.
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            Let me know in advance if you're all going to just eat cheese grits. You wouldn't believe what it costs to cater breakfasts in Park City!
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