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  • Book Club Interest?

    Alright, a few people have mentioned in the What Do You Read thread they have interest in a book club.  I figured I might as well start a thread to see how much truly is there.  So, if you are interested, please respond to a few quick questions.  If you are not interested, please do not reply.  Thanks!

    • Do you have a preference as to what type of book? Fiction, non-fiction, related to finances, other, or some sort of mix?

    • Would you want to have the discussion here on the forum or someplace else?  For outside the forum there are options like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and more.

    Based on answers to these quick questions we can then start laying out the framework of the club.  Books, time period to get through a book, etc.  Now, I have never been in a book club so this is new to me.  However, I am interested in getting a club going.


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    I would be interested. I like books of all types. I am usually reading more than one book at a time. I have never been in a book club either. I don't know goodreads.  I do Facebook. I really don't get twitter


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      Also interested


      Would be good to have some lead time so skinflints like me can get the book from the library


      Ok with any sort of book (or variation) and also prefer not Twitter.  Signed up for goodreads but don't use.  Do use facebook




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        Twitter is amazing. Yes it takes work, yes the company has no idea how to utilize it or make it great.

        It is however, by far the easiest most accessible way to interact and learn from amazingly smart people in any field/interest that one could imagine. I cant believe its free. Harder to believe they cant make money.

        I dont use facebook.


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          If this is anything like the White Coat Investor version of the Andrew Luck Book Club count me in!




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            Count me in. I mostly read nonfiction. Last book I read was “sapiens”.


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              I would be interested in a book club. Any type of book. Also I don't do Twitter. I do have FB. If it's done here prob should be financial related.


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                I'd really like a discussion of books like William Bernsteins'. They are excellent, but not specific for physician level savings. We could really come up with some useful discussion and insight.

                After said discussion, those of use attending the WCI conference could ask the author some very good questions and report back.

                My vote for first book: anything by William Bernstein.

                Maybe pick a book give everyone 2 weeks and start the discussion up? 1 month per book?


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                  I would also like some non-financial books discussed.  I like to get ideas from others about good reading material.  Maybe a ratio financial book/fiction/ non-fiction.


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                    Good deal.  Looks like we have a good amount of interest.  Let me check out Good Reads and I will give an update in the next day or two.

                    Thanks also for the suggestions of authors, books and even other book club.  I had NO idea Andrew Luck had his own book club.  Go figure.


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                      I sent messages to everyone who replied to this thread with the book club information.  If you didn't receive it let me know and I will resend it.



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                        I'm late to the party, but would be interested in a book club, both financial and non-financial related. I tend to switch back and forth anyway - finishing Millionaire Next Door and then taking a break with some sci fi.


                        Edit: As a thank you for the recommendations above (Sapiens looks great!), I will throw in a recommendation that spans financial and non-financial topics: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson. It's fantastic.


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                          Edit: As a thank you for the recommendations above (Sapiens looks great!), I will throw in a recommendation that spans financial and non-financial topics: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson. It’s fantastic.
                          Click to expand...

                          Audible keeps including that book on my "Recommended for you" list. I must admit I've been intrigued but have wondered how a whole book can be written about the subject...
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                            I'm willing to try it out but super busy and may not be able to keep up with the rest of the group, depending on pace set.  if you are going to fine me for not reading, then I'm out.



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                              I am also late to the party but would love to participate. Has it started yet?