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Dog Was Skunked - Any Tips?

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  • Dog Was Skunked - Any Tips?

    We moved recently out to a couple of acres in a rural area.  We knew it was only a matter of time before one, or both, of our dogs would come on a skunk.  About 2:30 this morning my wife came back in from letting the dogs out for their middle of the night bathroom break.  I was sound asleep but woke up suddenly to the most horrendous smell.  My wife thought it was just whatever our neighbor has been burning for the last two days but this was no burning leaves smell.  We quickly realized it was a direct shot from a skunk and went to work on creating a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda to bathe our German Shepard's face.  It seemed to mostly do the trick.  Mostly.


    Now, here is where I need some expert advice.


    First, there is still a lingering skunk smell on our German.  Are there are any tips on how to get it out completely or do we just need to wait?


    Next, as a bonus, our Rottweiler went outside and found the spot where the skunk sprayed the first dog and decided she needed to get into the game too.  She came inside a few hours ago and head smelled like skunk too, but not the full effect.  We remixed the concoction and gave her a quick bath and there is no remaining smell since she did not get the full blast.  However, the remnants of the skunking are in my yard and there is no rain forecast for our area for a week.  Any tricks to get the smell out of the grass besides running the sprinkler for a long time?


    Finally, any old school tips on how to keep skunks out of the yard?  I was hopeful the smell of two dogs marking the yard would be enough to deter skunks, however, I was wrong with that assumption.  My wife is reading everything from a perimeter of citrus peels to cayenne pepper to motion detection lights.


    Thanks for any advice.  I am starting to feel a bit like I am living Funny Farm.

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    wash wash wash wash wash wash wash.


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      I had a siberian husky sprayed once.  The vet had a shampoo called skunk-off.  She smelled for months slightly if she was wet.  My dog killed the skunk so it never happened again.


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        We've done the hydrogen peroxide baking soda bath (recipe from humane society). Like @Hatton1 says, you'll get a hint of that smell for months to come.



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          I came home one night after a late night shift to a skunk in the driveway, and this area isn't all that rural at all.
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            Before I clicked on the thread I thought "dog was skunked" was going to be some sort of financial euphemism...


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              Get clippers and shave the dog outside.

              Anecdotally I've heard that you should bathe the dog in tomato juice. No idea if that would work, but don't let the dog get free and run through the house or you'll have another mess on your hands.