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    Lagavulin 16 is the standard for me to which all other Whisky is compared, and the vast majority fall short.

    On a day to day basis I'm more of a cocktail guy. Barrel aged manhattan or vieux carre or old fashioned, or sazerac with any halfway decent ingredients (except vermouth, need good vermouth for a good manhattan) is heaven.


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      Ardbeg Uigeadail. Get involved.


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        Limousin Rye by Dancing Goat

        I like to buy local if I can and the quality is good.

        Edit: They also make an amazing Gin, "Death's Door" made with juniper berries from Door County.


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          Originally posted by xraygoggles View Post
          Macallan 12 & 15 yr or Glenfiddich 15 yr are go-tos.
          I'm fairly young to the whiskey game, but all these three are my favorites. I also like the Glenfiddich Caribbean cask. Cheaper than the 15 year and solid for the price point.

          I was gifted a bottle of Mars Iwai whiskey, and I'm pretty excited to explore some of the Japanese whiskeys. Very smooth. We make most of our liquor runs when we go to New Orleans. Lots of variety and somewhat better prices than where we are.


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            Here is a good find at Costco.

            Aberlour is usually known for its sherry bomb, especially with the A’bunadh. About two years ago Aberlour released an expression aged in first fill ex-bourbon at cask strength called A’bunadh Alba. Although it has no age statement, it is from 12, 16, and 18-year casks.

            The color is light amber unlike the sherry version. The fragrance is better appreciated with a wider mouth glass to reduce the alcohol burn. Also some water brings out different florals and tropical fruits. The taste is a bit sweet. It has a thinner body though.

            At its regular price of ~$80-90, there are other interesting choices. For $49.99, it is a bargain.

            Costco has at times great deals. We have found Henry McKenna bottled in bond at ~$25 just prior to the pandemic, Macallan No 3 for <$100, and Kavalan Ex Bourbon, Port Cask, etc for ~$55. I would rank this A’bunadh Alba as a reasonable deal for someone to try some cask strength Ex Bourbon.

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              Rye drinker. I divide whiskeys into 3 categories

              1. Cheap (could have retired early). Good when I have already had a drink or for cocktails
              -Rittenhouse (current favorite)
              -Old Overholt

              2. Moderate (can retire with 3-5M and drink)
              -High West Rendezvous Rye (all time go to)
              -Sagamore Double Oak (current fav)

              3. Ridiculous ($200+ per bottle)
              -Wise Owl # 2 and 3
              ~5 years ago bought a bottle of High West 21 year old Rye after I did a 4+ hour deposition for $500. Unbelievably good. Would buy more now if I could find it


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                Originally posted by Sneezy View Post
                3. Ridiculous ($200+ per bottle)
                I used to feel similar. Now, I routinely check to see if Total Wine has gotten another allocation of Macallan 40.

                What would be the better term: acclimation or hedonic adaptation?


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                  Buffalo Trace
                  Four Roses Single Barrel and Small Batch
                  Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
                  Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
                  Wild Turkey Rare Breed and 101
                  Jefferson's Reserve
                  Knob Creek Single Barrel Select
                  Basil Hayden's

                  We are still adding to our collection, but having a hard time finding Eagle Rare and Blanton's. We have not dipped our toes into the pricier bourbons yet.


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                    Bought some Oregon Spirit BIB today. Defiantly an interesting flavor that is worth a try.

                    Currently the whiskeys in my sipping rotation are;
                    Bardstown Discovery Uncategorized Groups
                    Hibiki Harmony
                    Nikka Coffey
                    Eagle Rare
                    Bell Meade Reserve Bourbon

                    Right now I am looking for a high peat scotch that you can smell from across the room, perhaps octomore.