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Payroll company? switch or just chill and deal with it

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  • Payroll company? switch or just chill and deal with it

    Using ADP for my S-corp payroll. Payroll was set up wrong with state. State hounded me with dozens of notices that were very difficult to interpret.

    Strange language describing problems with my TPA (third party administrator) UI (unemployment insurance) etc. etc. etc. Gobli-gock with lots of abbreviations and bureaucratic lingo.

    Several fines applied to my account.

    In order to view the "correspondence from state" they sent emails and then I had to log into state website with username and password then search for correspondence and open an attached PDF which is a letter written again with lots of lingo + a fine.

    ADP told me X was the problem but in reality it was Y

    I had a hard time figuring it out.

    ADP was not helpful

    Finally after being on hold for a long time and speaking with several people I was handed over to the liability department and they told me I needed to fill out some info and send to the info in.

    Long story short here is my question: ADP as a billing/payroll company. I am underwhelmed with how good they are. However, I finally think my payroll might be set up correctly.

    Should I go through the pain of switching companies or just accept that payroll companies all kinda suck and the state gov is never going to be easy to deal with or should I switch out of principle because ADP did a bad job and should not be rewarded.

    second if you use a payroll company, which one and do you like it?

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    I recommend Gusto payroll with all of my clients. When there's a payroll notice I send it to them and they take care of it.

    If something is their fault they will most often pay any penalties or interest.