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    I am not a wine snob.

    I just pick up <$10 wines at Costco, especially if they are discounted. Usually reds - pinot or merlot though if you ask me I cannot say if a wine is a Cab or pinot or merlot , If it is smooth that is all I want. $250 or a bottle - Yikes. Even for single malts I stay under $100.

    Not yet gone into the moonshine route.


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      I know this a faux pas, but I love adding ice to my wine and sometimes I'll bring sprite from my work's junk food supply and add a bit to the wine. I find that I have to drink less of the wine and sense that my dopamine levels spike higher.


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        Originally posted by MPMD View Post
        now when my FIL opens up the Silver Oak on Christmas you'd best believe i'm diving in.
        Oh man - Silver Oak, Screaming Eagle, Opus One - those are for special occasions.

        For casual nights, my go tos are whites from Central Coast like Zinfandel from Paso Robles, and of course reds from Napa and Sonoma. I'm also growing partial to Roses nowadays.