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Anybody know what happened to Financial Residency? (podcast, advising services)

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  • Anybody know what happened to Financial Residency? (podcast, advising services)

    For those not aware, Ryan Inman is a financial advisor and had a pretty good podcast called Financial Residency that I learned about through a collaboration with WCI. It is resident / physician focused and I've been a listener for years as a nice complement to the WCI podcast. Last week there was a brief episode announcing a reboot and Ryan introducing the new hosts but not explaining what's going on or why he is leaving. His instagram page is deleted and it seems his former financial advisor clients were transferred to a partner. It's a very abrupt stop leaving his listeners in the dark. Google searches have come up blank so wondering if anybody in the know might be able to provide some info. Seems a little fishy but hopefully healthwise he is ok

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    There were a lot of people left in the dark. Hoping to get the rest of the story at some point, but no luck so far despite reaching out multiple times. Hope all is well with him and his.
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      I was wondering the same thing. I was a fan of his podcast and kept thinking I must have missed an episode where it was explained.


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        I was curious enough to download the podcast referenced. He says that he transitioned out of financial planning, possibly due to burnout. Whatever it was, it must have been pretty serious to quit so abruptly. The good news is that he is at least healthy enough to record a podcast.