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    Originally posted by uksho View Post
    I have tipping fatigue too

    question: dinner for a group , 20 % service charge already included in bill . Will you tip on top of that ?

    bought a small pack for chips for couple of dollars at airport . Employee Turns the screen towards me with tip options . I declined

    do we have to tip for everything now ? Prices have gone up already .

    Pack of overpriced potato chips at the airport? No tip.

    You set an automatic tip of 15% to 20%? Fine, that's exactly what you get unless it was really awesome service.

    Are you presumptuous enough to set an automatic tip greater than 20%? Yeah, that's going to get adjusted below 20% unless things were pretty darned fabulous.

    I don't mind tipping for fishing guides, sherpas, bartenders, table service at a restaurant, housekeepers at a hotel, etc. I don't object to having a range of "recommended tip" calculations at the bottom of the bill, although anything 30%+ seems egregious. However, automatically adding a "voluntary" tip greater than 20% that you need to talk with the manager or shift supervisor to reduce or eliminate is just absurd.

    While I begrudgingly see the point to a clearly disclosed surcharge for parties of eight or more at a seated venue, I just don't like the aggressive grabbiness of 20%+ automatic gratuity for a small party and then expecting more tipping / surcharges on top of that. At that point, I might as well get rolled tacos or burritos to go, grab some beer, a bottle of wine or champagne, and go to an outdoor venue with a far better view for a picnic.


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      Originally posted by Kennyt7 View Post
      What about those payments on I PADS where its 18% and up
      Just leave cash as its tax free we hope
      You HOPE that your fellow tax payers cheat on their taxes? Interesting.
      Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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        As if every American is 100% honest on their tax returns