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  • Shoes in the house

    yay or nay?

    As docs who have seen some nasty infections and hygiene related issues, what are your thoughts on this?

    Grew up in a no shoes inside household. SO's family could care less about taking shoes off in house. I get minor panic attacks every time I see shoes inside the house.

    SO's dad briefly stopped over at my house one day. Went straight to the bathroom with dirt and leaves tracking on the floor and on bathroom mats (after visiting public restrooms on the way) despite SO yelling "dad, no shoes!" Man's got a bladder problem, so understandable. But I spend the next 30 min vacuuming and sanitizing the place, which was no fun.

    Yes - it's just dirt, harmless germs, poop and piss
    No way - unless it's life or death

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    Midwest, sloppy weather, no shoes in the house ever. I always tell guests to take shoes off.

    We have young kids crawling and walking on the floor also.

    My wife HATES asking people to take their shoes off. I don't see why it's a big deal to tell them. Instead, my wife then is pissed that there's mud on the carpet because someone didn't take their shoes off.


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      We have dogs so it's pointless. We typically do shoes on the hardwood but take them off for the carpet upstairs to try to keep it somewhat clean.


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        It requires some self awareness. Shoes OK on hardwood if clean (no mud, dry, etc). Not on carpet usually, especially in someone else's house.


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          Asian household here. Definitely no shoes inside the house.


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            Asian household. Absolutely no shoes in the house.


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              Vast majority of the time, no shoes in the house. Sometimes I’ll try to walk about 15 ft from the garage to the front door (on LVP flooring) with my shoes on, but this greatly upsets my wife.


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                Neither my wife not I took our shoes off at home as children, but we now do. It started when we lived in the Midwest because of the snow then stuck when we left.


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                  For all the shoes in house people, do you ever think twice when you go to a public restroom and see people's handiwork?


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                    Wife and mother-in-law are Japanese. No shoes.


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                      Dogs here, but still try to keep the floors a semblance of nice (looking) except when the cleaning friend is about to come. Today, the hardwood is covered in muddy footprints, she comes tomorrow. But I have never been especially worried about germs and believe it is dependent upon a person’s unique biology as to what will cause a problem with one germ or another. Is this way off base? If this were a legitimate concern, seems like you would ask ppl to take off their shoes before entering a workplace. I like the optics of a clean floor but, realistically, I don’t consider any home’s floor “clean” in the sense anyone would be expecting for babies to be licking - it’s just impractical (impo).

                      I have heard of households that have slippers available at the door for visitors to put on, which might make it easier to ask.
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                        Originally posted by jfoxcpacfp View Post

                        I have heard of households that have slippers available at the door for visitors to put on, which might make it easier to ask.
                        This is our home. Slippers for all. Workers (plumbers etc) can wear booties (surgical booties) over shoes if they wish and we have a bucket of those, near the door.

                        House guests get a brand new pair of slippers (in a plastic package) upon entering and they can use if for the extend of their stay.

                        I am so well trained that I cannot walk inside a house without slipping off my shoes...........I keep them untied unless I am running and they just slide off easy.

                        Who says you cannot train a husband?
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                          Take a paper towel and moisten it with some water. Wipe it on the hard surface floor you are walking on.

                          You will stop wearing shoes in the house.


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                            Originally posted by CalMD View Post
                            Asian household here. Definitely no shoes inside the house.
                            A friend of mine in undergrad was Asian and the first time I had him over I asked him to take his shoes off and he told me his impressions of Americans was that they run right in the house and jump on their bed with dirty shoes. I was happy to disabuse him of that notion. He went to Caribbean med school and I lost touch with him since.

                            I have separate indoor shoes for exercise and slippers for winter. But I prefer bare feet when possible.


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                              We are a no-shoe home, my parents keep a pair of slippers at our place for when they visit. My problem is the hard floors get incredibly uncomfortable in short order. Maybe its an aging thing, Ive never had this problem before. So I bought a nice pair of Olukai slippers for winter and some light HeyDude shoes for the summer, to be only used indoors