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Cable vs Streaming TV?

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  • Cable vs Streaming TV?

    I don't watch a lot of TV.  Actually my most viewed channels are CNN, truTV (impractical jokers).. and maybe FX, Bravo occasionally.   My internet/cable bill recently went up to $160 a month.   I looked into streaming TV through Slingbox and I gave it try.   No difference in quality.. occasionally.. a hiccup or two in streaming but honestly no major difference and maybe a better TV guide I would say.   I cancelled the cable but kept the internet.. $50-60/month with Slingbox $30/month.  Now Im paying substantially a lot less.... $80-90/month.

    Im curious to know if there's cheaper tv streaming services out there?   Other folks experiences...


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    Are you referring to Sling TV?  I'm probably gonna sign up for that so I can have ESPN and their networks for about 25 bucks per month. We just returned our cable box/DVR today, and are joining the cord-cutters once again. I had no cable during my fellowship and barely missed it.

    I already have amazon video and netflix, so all we really needed was sports coverage.  I signed up for Sling for a brief time Last year, and liked it for the short time I had it.

    There are definitely other options, but we don't have access to Youtube tv where I live. Hulu and DirecTV now are the other major options from what I have been researching.

    good luck with cord cutting!



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      Direct TV Now also has ESPN and Fox sports for $35/month. That and an off-air HD antenna will get you some, but not all, sports. You can stream MLB for less than the Direct TV package.