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    We travelled to a spot where we got to see about 2 minutes of totality.  I was skeptical that it would be all that interesting, but after seeing it, I can testify that it was really incredible.  It was one of the weirdest, most surreal experiences of my life.  Definitely recommend people take the opportunity to see the next one that's coming through the eastern US in 2024.


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      Drove 12 hours to Gallatin, Tennessee and stood on the centreline for 2m 40s of totality.  Was an amazing thing to see and great to be in a large crowd of people as the reactions were impressive. The town of Gallatin did a great job of hosting things in a large town park.  Getting out was a little harder and it took 9 hours to make the normally 4 hour drive from Gallatin up to Cincinnati where I stayed the night.  The slow down was mainly due to construction on I-65.  It was an amazing sight and would definitely make the trip again.  Thankfully, the 2024 eclipse gives me 2 minutes of totality within a 30 minute drive. Hopefully will be around to see it and get clear weather.

      On the way back I stopped into the USAF Museum.  A great place to visit.