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  • Statements that are annoying-Share yours

    Hi everyone. It’s “whine a little” Friday -the day to unburden your brain before the weekend starts and you can make space to recharge your batteries.

    I find the term “passive income” as a synonym for real estate investments so misleading.
    it is anything BUT passive. Reviewing contracts, keeping up on leases, maintenance issues, tenant issues-it can be a full time job.
    and before you say that I’m doing it wrong and I can hire property managers to take care of the day to day issues and mortgage brokers to manage the contracts-I will respond that they each take a cut (5-10%)-and that is no way to use your capital efficiently and maximize profits.

    there is no free lunch and there is no such thing as passive income in real estate.

    Rant over-and I feel revitalized.
    thanks for letting me vent

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    “First world problem”

    ”The only thing worse than paying high taxes is paying low taxes.”

    ”You should get on your knees and pray every night for a bear market.” (Because 3/2020, 2008, and 1929 were marvelous times that we’d all love to experience again).


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      Real estate investing is akin to stock market investing. Many shades and variations. It's simply a sector.

      One would counter that any middle person taking on work erodes profits. AUM fees, and management fees for even index funds are the same on the stock side. Everything has a cost.

      Beyond the folk, few would claim direct real estate is passive.


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        "I know my body"


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          "That's a good question ?"

          I have no intention of answering what you asked , I will buy a little time and redirect.


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            "As I'm sure you know" in response to a question. As in:

            Me: Hey, is it possible to do X?
            Them: As I'm sure you know, it is impossible to do X.

            No, I didn't know, that's why I #^@$!ing asked you!!

            I havery the feeling you were looking for more financial-related answers, though! I'll agree with you that calling direct ownership of rental properties "passive income" drives me up the wall.


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              Purely clinical…

              ”I have a high pain tolerance.”

              ”I’m dehydrated.”

              “I kept taking my blood pressure at home and it kept going up.”

              ”My doctor sent me in for *x test*.” (That’s usually not indicated or could easily be done as an outpatient.)

              ”This has been going on for years and I’ve seen numerous specialists but I figured it’s time we get it figured out today.”


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                "It is what it is"


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                  "I don't need no numbing"

                  (the last thing I hear before I have to scrape the patient off the ceiling)


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                    "My friend is on xanax.."


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                        My veins roll or I’m a hard stick.

                        My financial guy sez…


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                          “ l know right !” Wtf does this mean ?
                          “ I know my body” ugh you need a magician then not a physician
                          ” carbs on carb” stop judging me skinny B$&@*
                          “ work hard play hard” most people who say this do neither
                          “ is it Friday yet” b$&@% please stop your whining
                          “ I just eat protein how am I gaining weight “ UREA CYCLE


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                            "Let's circle back to that" Means I don't want to talk about it and want to delay as long as possible.


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                              "We follow the science"
                              A little humorous.