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  • A great spam comment

    A blog attracts tons of spam comments. I turned off the Captcha plug-in yesterday and so am getting a lot more than usual today, but this one was particularly good so I had to share. I removed the email and website just in case someone is dumb enough to fall for this one.
    We are universal hackers and we just succeeded with an illegal invention.. well, this seems strange but true.. we just succeeded with hacking universal ATM machines with a blank ATM card.These cards could withdraw $50.000 per day, depending on how they are programmed..say goodbye to poverty. these cards are just for you. we know this is illegal but we are living large with it. I do many things on low key to avoid suspicion. I am not going to give out the blank cards for free because we spent most of our time hacking, we want to make them available for you.. NOTE: The ATM card has unregistered account number, they can work anywhere in the world, and they are untraceable..I only give this card out because I just don,t want to enjoy this card alone, because I have made my self with this blank atm card already, and even when I give it to hundreds of people, they will still work according to how it was to work, so I said no problem, but I only give this card out to people that can be serious with the card and that hold the card to their self alone, and follow up with the instruction regarding this blank atm card, can you as well email me
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    I think you should go ahead and post the email and website.  If you are willing to partake in something like this, you probably deserve whatever happens to you.

    That captcha can be tough to navigate on mobile by the way,


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      Well, the blog has 3 real comments and 44 spam comments so far today. That ratio is typically about 4:1 with the Captcha on. As long as they're going into the spam box it'll be okay, but if they start showing up on the comment feeds I may have to turn it back on.
      Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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        Would this count as passive income?


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          Maybe it’s time to delete this thread. It appears to have attracted the scam.