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Physician Coach- any recs?

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    Originally posted by jfoxcpacfp View Post
    If I could tag on with what I think is the obvious recommendation for some, a solid financial plan from an experienced planner who can provide an unbiased perspective may be extremely helpful. For example, if you are dissatisfied and thinking you need to work another 10 years and find out you are actually FI and can slowly begin unwinding by making Sind implementing some specific financial changes is amazingly liberating. I’ve seen it happen and it is why I do what I do. There are some excellent planners who have doctor-specific experience in the Recommended Advisors section.

    (Embarrassingly, just saw that our firm is at the top of the list today, this was not planned and we’re currently closed to new clients.)
    Not in need of financial counseling- we are in a good place