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  • RogueDadMD
    I used to think a lot about this with India and Pakistan and their nuclear saber rattling. I've never expected them to do anything stupid like nuclear war because while they may be corrupt, neither side is crazy or foolish.

    In this case I can't really say the same. I would think nuclear war is still a very distant possibility, but it's not zero.

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  • hightower
    started a topic North Korea

    North Korea

    So, I'm sure you all have noticed the latest headlines (North Korea is threatening us and Trump today is threatening them back, both using cowboy, macho-man language).  What do you all think?  Are we going to see a nuclear war with these two leaders at the helm?

    I personally have a very bad feeling.  Obviously NK's leader is a total nut job.  Trump, being the egotistical, immature person that he is, will probably not do very well in the diplomacy arena.  SO, that is making me pretty darn nervous right now.

    I can't imagine how South Korea, Japan, and China are feeling right now, but being within such easy striking range has got to be making them all nervous.  I don't see them gaining the capability to strike the continental US.  It sounds like their technology is not quite up to par yet.  But, Alaska and Hawaii?  Hopefully we have excellent antimissile capabilities.


    Not trying to start a doom and gloom thread or start an "I hate Trump because..." thread either.  Just curious what other's thoughts are at this point.  Keep it friendly