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  • WCI Merchandise!

    I can't make the WCI conference where I'm sure mugs, t-shirts, and high quality vinyl stickers of the WCI logo will be free or on sale.

    For the rest of us who'd love to support the site during world travels or just everyday living, I want to click on and be able buy all the WCI murch I can.

    We order swag for another online forum I help admin, sell it at cost, and all the forum members get a huge kick out of it. It's fun to support the things we enjoy so much.

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    Whitney's going to be excited at the buzz her product placement is getting....
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      Coffee / beverage mugs seem like a fine way to spread the word in the doctors' lounge!


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        It only took four years, but glad to see this suggestion finally worked out . . .
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          Hey, better late than never!


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            Do mods get a special discount? Understand, we could retire on what we earn but it never hurts to askšŸ¤£!!!

            PS - so glad to see this! Need a tab on both the forum and the blog for it, though.
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