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    saying in business:  pigs get fat;  hogs get slaughtered.

    Outpatient Phlebotomy fee pain point :  clearly is below $250.    I would say anything beyond $25 will cause flight.


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      Interestingly BCBS said the hospital can charge the fee “if they want to.”  The lab in the office building is not open 24 hours per day.  I guess I am talking about this because the charge for a venipuncture really is ridiculous to me.  I really have to think about where I send patients now because many would have a hard time with a fee like this.  I have paid it before I realized what it was for.  I have paid fees for a CT angiogram to R/O a PE after traveling done in the hospital (the same fee as the blood draw) but this seemed reasonable to me. I understand the hospital has to cover costs but they lose business if they overcharge on something so simple because once people understand the rules they go elsewhere.
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      You are 100% right -- it's the complete lack of transparency that helps maintain this.

      However just putting up a sign with the facility fee is also misleading, because how much you pay depends entirely on whether you have insurance and what type of insurance.  A patient with a fancy PPO plan may pay almost nothing while the one on the HDHP with a $10k deductible may pay all.  However even that fee may be contractually decreased by the contract w/the insurance company.  The person w/o insurance may get an automatic 50% off the price.

      Simply creating a menu of fees/prices is meaningless because the US has constructed a healthcare system where those numbers mean nothing to any given individual.  The hospitals take advantage of it.

      Quest may not charge a facility fee, but they can't possibly tell you what you are going to pay as an individual when you walk in the door for a blood draw.  The system isn't set up to do that and doesn't know how to do that in msot cases.

      The cost to the SYSTEM will be cheaper at Quest than at the hospital, but there's no guarantee the patient will see a substantially different cost.
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