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An awesome Father's Day gift

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  • An awesome Father's Day gift

    First, I would like to wish the fathers on the forum a Happy Father's Day. Unlike me, I hope that you are not on call and are enjoying your time with your family.

    My wife sprung my Father's Day gift this morning. For some background, like many of you, I am very difficult to buy gifts for. I have varied specialty interests, and if I need something, I usually just get it. In past years, my wife has usually struck out with gift giving, and while I appreciate the effort, the item usually goes back. Or, I buy something I want/need and have her wrap it up and give it to me in front of the kids.

    Well, this year, she hit a home run. After checking my schedule and requesting some contacts from my iPhone (without telling me the reason for doing so), she made reservations for an Italian wine and cheese tasting at my favorite wine store. It's not super extravagant or exclusive, but it is something I have oft talked about doing and never seemed to be able to pull the trigger. She also coordinated it with some good friends who would attend with us. She even said that I could pick out a bottle of wine to bring home.

    We will have a lot of fun, and next week I will not have to return the complete Seinfeld DVD set, a duplicate Grateful Dead concert download, tie, or some other tchotchke that I do not want.

    Happy Father's Day!

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    Happy Father's Day to all, also.  Thanks Vagabond for teaching me how to spell, tchotchke.  An oft used term by us, but never had to spell it.


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      Happy Father's Day everyone!  And my gift to you, Vagabond:



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        Seinfeld DVD set? Lol. Srsly, that's not on Blu-Ray by now?


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          Happy Father’s Day everyone!  And my gift to you, Vagabond:

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          That's the second best FD gift I received today. Listened to Jack Straw and on to Eyes. High quality recording, excellent performance and song selection.  8-)


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            Awwww - Happy Father's Day, @Vagabond! Sounds like your better half is a keeper!
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