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How to store gasoline??

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    Originally posted by Dontgetthejab View Post
    I admit, I’m not much of a handyman but trying to learn some basics.

    For storing gasoline for generators/small engines:
    -how long is stored gas(in a can) good for without fuel stabilizer? Google says 3-6mths. Can some comment if they have used 6mth old gas without a problem? I got 15gallons of 3mth old gas wo stabilizer that I’m trying to figure out whether to dump or try to salvage.
    - If I try to salvage my 3mth old gas, can I put stabilizer into a full can and expect it to work? Google says stabilizer should be added first, then add gas.
    I never put anything in a small engine that isn't ethanol free and fuel stabilized. It just doesn't cost much more so why wouldn't you if it preserves the machines?

    If you want to "salvage" old gas, put it in your car. It's far more tolerant than your small engines.
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