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    Ties: eBay. Usually you can find 100% silk in bulk for under $3 each, including shipping and tax. Paying more is a pure waste of money. Or thrift shops.

    Dress shirts: Land's End. Pick your collar and sleeve length. Pick your fit. Pick up a few new shirts when needed in about 10 minutes of your time, all from the comfort of home. Some are essentially always on sale. I get white or light blue solid, which are less often on sale, but I doubt I have paid more than $30 each. They last a long time. I find that even new-appearing shirts from thrift shops or EBay wear out too quickly.

    Shoes: depends a lot on your preferences. If you like traditional leather soled shoes, the kind that last long enough to be resolved several times over many years, prices new for decent quality can be under $200 for Allen Edmonds seconds. I buy used on eBay. For the price of a second from Allen Edmonds, you can get lightly used vintage Florsheim shoes. Built like tanks. Last forever.

    Suits: EBay. If you are lucky enough to have a good thrift shop convenient, then that is an option. New suits depreciate outrageously. Like 80% when you walk out the door.