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  • Get Your Popcorn, this one is good

    It's unfortunate, but some of the most entertaining stuff that happens on this website is buried deep in comments sections where you guys never get to see it. This one is cracking me up though, so let's bring it to light:

    Mario Henry, who encourages people to mortgage their house to buy IUL,( ), has wandered onto one of the old IUL threads where he is repeatedly demonstrating his inability to effectively use the internet.

    The fun starts about here:

    but it just keeps going and going and going. My favorite part is that after 6 weeks of making comments on this post, he still can't figure out who I am. Am I that anonymous? Is the About page that hard to find? Is the cover of the book on every page of this website so hard to read?

    You can't make this stuff up:
    If you were certain of your Math you wouldn’t make the comments you made. I’m using my real name, you use yours, I’ll record it and put it on YouTube and put it on this thread and you will be broadcasted to help prove these erroneous information you are putting out there. Deal?

    Well since your industry is already failing I guess misery loves company. What is your real name and firm or brokerage house you represent? Are you independent? Are you going to hide behind an anonymous screen name?

    Is the blog industry failing? I hadn't noticed. Maybe the medical industry is, but certainly not financially!

    [Post updated 6/29/17 to change the word "suckering" to "encourages" after receiving this "cease and desist" email from Mario Henry.


    You are slandering me and since access has been removed from me
    commenting and you have an entire blog section that starts out "Mario
    Henry, who makes his living suckering people into mortgaging their
    house to buy IUL" you are to remove that page and to cease all
    references of my name on your blog.

    I didn't mind debating you, I don't mind you speaking ill of the IUL,
    that is your right and your opionion, but to say to publicly state I'm
    swindling people, I'm giving you the opportunity to remove all the
    threads I commented on.

    I will allow 7 days for this thread
    to be removed, or I will sue you for defamation in Utah. It is the
    opinion of my council that you crossed over from opinion to defamation
    since you claim my intent is to sucker/swindle people with my program.
    I was advised to allow you to remedy the situation before we take
    action. Sergio is a fellow agent in Texas as well, he didn't threaten
    to sue you so it was unnecessary to block him he actually was trying
    to prove his point, but obviously any opinion that doesn't fit your
    narrative gets censured. I have suckered anyone before and I was very
    offended on your forum that you created and that was in malicious
    spirit. Please let me know when my info is purged from your site.

    Mario Henry]

    Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011

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    It looks like he thinks you are in finance.


    "What is your real name and firm or brokerage house you represent?"


    Seems like he cannot even figure out the logo or name of the blog.


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      This Mario Henry fella has insight similar to my state legislators--more on this later...suffice it to say that this is not a compliment.  "A very advanced out of the box thinker" according to his website (I had to check to see if he resided in my state).


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        More interesting than his scam pitch: he was a former WR in the NFL.

        I guess spamming the world with IUL is still better than the post-career exploits of most professional athletes.....


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          What a tool. How do you go onto a mans own website, pick a fight, then get crushed?!


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            so wait, what's your real name?




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              in his defense he was a "Wide Reciver" per linked in page, so there's that


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                OMG was he Mario Jasso too?  lobbing softball questions to himself?  He couldn't even pick a new first name?  How many Mario's are running around out there?  Too funny!


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                  No, Mario Jasso had a different IP address. A couple of states apart. Wouldn't be the first time it happened though.
                  Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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                    That was fantastic. It's hilarious how long he allows himself to assume / stay misinformed about who you are. Thanks for bringing this one to light!


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                      Yes, I don't think most of us ever see these comments that pop up in older articles... enjoy it when the good ones get posted on the forum


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                        He's real. Used to play for the Pats. Actually employed Irving Fryar before he was convicted of bank fraud (Fryar, not Henry, it had nothing to do with Henry it seems). Based in Houston now, I think.

                        His company's biggest thing was acting as both realtor and broker getting low-income buyers to qualify for FHA loans to buy from desperate sellers which, depending on how you look at it, is either a noble pursuit or an abuse of psychology to get already-disadvantaged people into poor financial arrangements (which an FHA loan is). It was billed as a win for everyone, but to me it seems like only the lender, realtor, and broker (of which his company was the latter two) would.

                        So idk, in a vacuum I couldn't judge the guy, but if that's his usual customer then the use of cash-value life insurance, especially at the expense of other options, seems slightly less-than-fiduciary...but this sort of thing happens all the time with impunity from regulatory agencies, so do they just ignore it or is it maybe not as awful as we think?

                        There's probably some fine print which exonerates them, idk, but I don't get how it could ever really be advantageous unless every holding completely tanks and goes flat...but if that would occur, there would probably be slightly greater problems in the world than just the market.


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                          You should close comments section after 1 year with a link to forum for further discussion. A very high % of the late comments are not your intended audience.
                          Click to expand...

                          Given the annual nature of tax years, etc, I think 12 months is too short, but I understand the general theme of your comment.


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                            The problem is that there are lots of legitimate questions years down the road too. If I wanted to stop the issue, I'd just close comments on the insurance posts, but look at all the good stuff you guys would miss out on!
                            Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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                              Agreed....are you really in finance and have been suckering us along this entire time...I mean I have never actually seen you in the ER in your pictures. Just in the canyons or by a fence in some pasture....hmmm...very shady!