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Grateful for having good auto insurance and an emergency fund

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  • Grateful for having good auto insurance and an emergency fund

    This post is mainly for sh*ts and giggles.

    I had a rat, yes a rat, enter my car a few weeks ago. I only realized this after a few days of stench (being Korean, I thought maybe I left some kimchi rotting in the car). Instead I found a dead rat in my trunk. Then we realized that the rat not only chewed through papers in the glove compartment but also chewed almost all the cables in the engine compartment.   :?

    Who knew that auto insurance would pay for this (falls under comprehensive)- and will be paying for a full detail to boot. In the meantime, I am cruising in a cute mini cooper until it's fixed (also paid by insurance). When we got the damage estimate (> $4,000) , I was surprised a small rat could cause so much damage. We are pretty sure it's a Brooklyn rat.

    Even though I have no issues with gross rashes and cutting into people's skin to remove skin cancers, I could not stomach extracting the dead rat from the car. Instead, I enlisted my residents and they filmed it here:

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    Rats! New Cars' Soy-Coated Wires Give Rodents Plenty To Chew On



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      Wow!  I think that might be cruel and unusual.  :lol:

      A few years back, my dad had a mouse nest and die in his 1967 Corvette.  All of a sudden the car just smelled terrible.  It was a pristine, body-off restoration perfect Corvette parked in a nice garage, and the mouse found his way inside and made it his home.  Took him days to find the dead mouse and then find all of the various bits he'd chewed up and used to make his nest.

      May rat and mouse rest in peace.   :cry:  


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        Rats! New Cars’ Soy-Coated Wires Give Rodents Plenty To Chew On

        Click to expand...

        And now I know where to shop for coyote urine.
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          i threw up in my mouth a little bit.