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What Other Websites do you Frequent?

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  • wideopenspaces
    Babycenter birth board
    Smitten Kitchen

    I get pretty easily bored on the internet

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  • Hatton
    replied, finance buff on Friday,  oblivious investor on Friday, Michael  Kitces, several other physician blogs when I get an email telling me of a new post.  Christine Benz on

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  • CM

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  • Zaphod
    -twitter open almost all the time, excellent articles and site links if you've taken the time to curate your feed to a specific interest (mine is finance). It takes some time, but as with other things it can pay off.

    -couple investing data sites that would only be interesting for a specific type of investing

    -philosophical economics

    -calculated risk

    -lots of other frequent visits but mostly from other people mentioning several times through twitter for best articles from all over.

    I also find that in the whole world wide web I can pretty much surf myself out pretty quick and lack imagination.

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  • Gas_Doc
    started a topic What Other Websites do you Frequent?

    What Other Websites do you Frequent?

    I'm curious to know what other websites (besides WCI or PoF) people visit on a daily basis. I'm admittedly a pretty unimaginative web surfer, so maybe I'll pick up a new site based on the responses.

    I'll go first:
    - Reddit
    - ESPN
    - NY Times


    That's about it. Like I said, I'm not very imaginative...