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  • More Fun With Email - Hate Mail

    I occasionally get hate mail, usually from insurance agents. I usually just ignore it. This time, I decided to engage to see what would happen. This is a fellow, presumably an agent, by the name of Jeffrey Jenkins who is typing on a computer in LA.
    Jeff: Stick to medicine!!! Your errant assessment of IUL is immensely disturbing!!!

    WCI: Sounds like someone lost a big commission because their client knows how to use the internet.

    Jeff: Not at all. I have a serious problem with an individual like yourself in the medical profession posting disparaging, inaccurate statements.  IUL creates long term tax free income/growth, and is an ideal strategy for consumers, especially those with idle assets and people adverse to stock market risk? How's about bashing banks where you're lucky to make 1% a year, plus be taxed.

    Did you read all of the comments from readers under your article? You are most assuredly in the minority with your opinion.

    Lastly, I could set up a website and lambaste the medical profession with the emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs which cause thousands and thousands of deaths a year. Not to mention cause side effects and adverse reactions. When is the United States medical establishment going to start advocating on a large scale, holistic health protocals/complementary medicine like other countries? You want to know why, because there's no money in it. I'm sure you are familiar with all the racketeering in medicine that's been going on for years and years and yet nothing changes. As far as I'm concerned, there's also a pervasive entitlement mentality with doctors and healthcare practioners. You expect consumers/patients to esteem you like deity.

    WCI: I'm sure it'll be a wonderful website. Have a great time with it. I wish you all the success in the world because medicine has at least as many issues as financial services. But that's not the purpose of my site, which is to point out the issues in your industry. You might have noticed you're not my target audience. I could care less what you think of my writing.

    The only people who think IUL is a good idea are the people who profit from it.

    And I spend plenty of time bashing banks too. Don't worry. They get theirs.

    Jeff: The only people who think IUL is a good idea are the people who profit from it? You are a COMPLETE imbecile! What you are espousing/posting on the Web is irresponsible and reckless!

    WCI: You going to insult my sister next? Why do I feel like I'm on the 2nd grade playground again? Why are you emailing me? Do you for some reason expect everyone on the internet to agree with you? Is sending me hate mail really the best use of your time? Kind of a sad little life.

    Jeff: Just fed up with idiots like you who engage in misinformation propagation. On a political note, you probably voted for Hillary.

    I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did.
    Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011

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    Invite him to post a point-counterpoint guest post, so we really can have fun with him!


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      On a political note, you probably voted for Hillary.
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      Clearly, Jeff has you pegged.



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        Lol at "On a political note, you probably voted for Hillary." This was entertaining.


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          If it makes it hurt anymore Jeff, WCI talked me out of IUL. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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            Just wow.


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              That’s just par for the course with those folks.

              He likely doesn’t even understand IULs that well.
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              "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

              - Upton Sinclair: I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked (1935)


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                You absolutely need to engage with more people like this and post for us to read. Very entertaining (and it's not like you have better things to do).


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                  Just hilarious! Seemingly an opponent of IUL means you're a Hillary fan!

                  Jeff, I'm another that was talked out of IUL by WCI and feel pretty darn good about it. Looking at doing my own investing next.

                  I appreciate the information and education that the WCI offers that none of us Physicians got in medical school.


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                    Jeff - I would love to see a post here, nay, a guest post on the merits of IUL as you mention. Really. I do believe these might be a great fit for certain folks, but if you could add some solid commentary, less the political jabs, I would be eager to read.


                    WCI - I'd love to see an intelligent guest post on the merits of IUL, etc. Perhaps none are willing, or there isn't a solid counter argument, but I'd enjoy the read.


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                      Emails like that are uncalled for and idiotic. You have helped countless of mds to deal with financial issues with your logical posts and no nonsense writing style. In fact, I am putting you in the acknowledgement section of my book that is coming out on amazon in a month or two called A guidebook for radiology applicants and residents because you actually take the time to respond to emails, listen to physicians concerns, and are a shining beacon in world of finance and physicians.... (Don't let this get to your head though!)

                      Many thanks!!!!


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                        I am curious to know what the commission structure is for selling insurance products ? Disability insurance ? Exotic products like above ? Initial google searches weren't the greatest.

                        Best business is a "broker/referral" style business - residual passive income forever. Close deal, make money.

                        Oh and best mail is hate mail - get to learn the mindset pretty quick.


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                          You absolutely need to engage with more people like this and post for us to read. Very entertaining (and it’s not like you have better things to do).
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                          I'm probably one of the very few crazy to have ever done so, but I spent an embarrassing amount of time on a holiday weekend months ago reading through the comments on a few of the old insurance posts - some of those posts have nearly (maybe over by now) 1000 comments below the article.

                          A huge shout out to WCI and Rex as those two have consistently engaged these people to the tune of thousands of comments over years.

                          I did find it entertaining myself, so recommend you dig into the archives on the site and pop a bag of popcorn!


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                            OMG that was hilarious!

                            I recall early in my (attending) career being pitched life insurance--think it was variable life, I forget--by the agent who sold me my individual disability policy.  He made the investment component seem desirable and I was tempted but thankfully never bought in.  I've come to learn that anything but term life is a bad idea and to be skeptical of insurance in general.

                            Yes, insurance is necessary and important in certain situations but is often "oversold" by agents, particularly in the case of life insurance.  If you're a dilligent saver/investor you can later self-insure in effect and avoid paying for unnecessary coverage down the road so do not commit to any variation of "insurance for life".


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                              This website saved me from whole life insurance and time shares wolves. I am so grateful.