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Frequent Posters- Who R U and What do U do.

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  • Frequent Posters- Who R U and What do U do.

    Edit: if you want to be added to the list or share your info, post on the thread or PM me.

    Edit: I am updating this as people post.

    Despite being a semi frequent poster, I don't really know what any of you guys do, or anything about you so I thought it would be interesting and useful to know something maybe age range, field of practice, general location etc etc.

    financial advisors:
    jfoxcpacfp: financial advisor extraordinaire
    Andrew Musbach Age 55, financial advisor, Ann Arbor

    Peds: peds
    legobikes : late 30s peds norcal

    emergency med:
    CordMcNally: Mid 30s, EM, middle of the country
    MPMD: late 30s academic EM

    Tangler : 47 year old anesthesiologist
    GasFIRE : Very late 50's, part-time anesthesiology, South Central

    VagabondMD: Mid-50’s, part time general radiologist (formerly IR), live in MO
    Brains428: Mid 30s- radiologist- neuroradiology, lower midwest
    xraygoggles: Mid-30s, radiologist & AI consultant. SoCal
    Panscan: Radiology
    pierre: 36. Radiology

    childay: inpatient psychiatrist, late 30s. Live in the south in a very small town. Wife is a general surgeon.
    wideopenspaces: 40, VA Psychiatrist
    Lithium: mid to late 30s. Inpatient psychiatrist in WCI country. From the Southeast
    Dont_know_mind: Late 40’s, psychiatrist, private practice.
    FIREshrink: Mid 40s. Pacific Northwest suburbs, Psychiatry
    Jack_Sparrow : Early 30s, psychiatry, private practice. Rural Southeast.

    fatlittlepig - 40's, northern california (kaiser), hospitalist, 2 kids...
    hightower: Late 30’s, hospitalist living in Ohio

    artemis: 57, practicing general AP/CP pathology and cytopathology in Nebraska
    SerrateAndDominate private practice pathologist. Fresh out of fellowship. Turning 34 very soon.

    primary care:
    burritos Late 40's. FP/UC private practice(not mine). Ventura County
    HikingDO: 50ish, FP, Arizona
    StarTrekDoc: 48 - Internal Medicine -Outpatient - Academic practice - San Diego
    Lordosis: Mid 30s family practice in upstate NY. Pharmacist wife. 4 kids. Chess player

    int med specialists:
    @CM: 61, cardiology, Midwest
    ScopeMonkey: 57, Gastroenterology, PA
    Kamban: Early 60's, Hem/Onc in South Carolina

    Bonez : late 30s ortho spine private practice
    Nysoz: late 30s general surgery in the rural south
    BruinBones Orthopedic surgeon. Mid 50’s. Retired military. About a decade of hospital employee practice.
    Hatton: 63. Retired OB/GYN

    non-physicians, spouses:
    Larry Ragman: 59, PhD technology exec, retired military, mid-Atlantic major metro area
    JBME: Late 30s, PhD in Sociology, been working as a data analyst in the Twin Cities area for ~15 years. My wife is also late 30s and works in outpatient IM. 3 kids.
    NaOH : Late 30's, hospital pharmacist. Married to a pathologist.
    Kennyt7 : Retired dentist
    tylerjw12 : mid-30s. DW is OB/GYN, I work in employee benefits consulting

    Cubicle: Early 30s. NJ. Specialist.
    wally world: authority on Kaiser (TPMG) benefits

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    Late 40's. FP/UC private practice(not mine). Ventura County. Biking(road and mtb), piano, rock gym, trails, geocaching, gardening, traveling, gambling.
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      Mid 40s. Pacific Northwest suburbs. I work for a regional vertically integrated health care system. Psychiatrist... Obviously! I do 1/3 outpatient, 1/3 inpatient, and 1/3 system leadership. We are also a teaching site for a medical school and I teach third year med students a few weeks a year. I have been at the same job since I finished residency. Job has been very good to me. Community is terrific. I really enjoy my work, even the tough parts.

      My specialties/interests are neuropsychiatry, medically complex psych patients, schizophrenia, and refractory bipolar disorder, but I also treat addiction (waivered), personality disorders, neuroses, and do existential and CB and MI therapies. It's a very broad practice, keeps me from getting bored.


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        Age 57, practicing general AP/CP pathology and cytopathology in Nebraska at a community hospital. I love to travel, read, garden, and I grow orchids - and when I am not exhausted, I enjoy amateur astronomy (but that hobby doesn't mix well with getting up early, alas).


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          Age 63. Retired for one year. Was OB/GYN. Owned my practice for most of my career. I read, garden, dog walk, do yoga, paint and draw.


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            Mid 30s, EM, middle of the country. I enjoy being active and was a once aspiring professional athlete. Luckily that dream came crashing down very early on and was not a surprise to anyone. 2006 Time Person of the Year recipient. Wife and I are expecting our first child this winter so we've been busy making sure we're prepared for that.


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              shucks, I didn't make the list.


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                30s, private practice path, flyover country, if I'm not working, I'm golfing...or maybe hanging with the little ones


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                  Originally posted by pierre View Post
                  shucks, I didn't make the list.
                  Same :/


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                    Mid 30s- radiologist- neuroradiology fellowship trained, which is what I do about 50% of the time at work. In the lower midwest (I think our town has more Arkansas sentiments). Enjoy working out, cooking, reading, and figuring out life. Also expecting first biological child early next year.


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                      Originally posted by SerrateAndDominate View Post

                      Same :/
                      With your 'nick' it's not hard to guess you are a pathologist.


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                        I think with my latest birthday I have to grudgingly accept that I've moved from mid to late 30s. Still feel like I struggle with basic adulting despite killing it financially. Inpatient psychiatrist in WCI country. From the Southeast, which is where my immediate family still is. Love outdoors and traveling. Signed up for Level 1 avalanche certification in January.

                        Left employment last year and started the odyssey of being a freelance independent contractor. Has its pros and cons but overall a win I'd say. I just signed on for a six month assignment that's 7 on, 7 off, includes ECT. My plan is to work this winter and then just catch up on vacations for 6-9 months if that's even possible in 2021.

                        I was all aboard the FIRE train for a while but realized eventually I needed something productive and meaningful to do regardless of the need for money. I've also realized that while medicine and psychiatry have been good to me, it does not satisfy my intellectual curiosity enough, nor is it an adequate lifestyle fit for it to be a sustainable career for the next 25-30 years. So I've been poking around and actually started the CFP education course, which has been fairly informative. Whether that can eventually translate to an encore career, especially for someone who is averse to working full time and is used to doing things their own way, is an entirely open question. It always helps to remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint.


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                          Originally posted by CordMcNally View Post
                          2006 Time Person of the Year recipient. .
                          I love it. Good luck becoming a new parent


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                            Originally posted by pierre View Post
                            shucks, I didn't make the list.
                            So tell us about yourself anyway! (You, too, SerrateAndDominate)


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                              Shucks, I didn't make the list either

                              Age 55 - haven't updated my picture in 25 years. I live in Ann Arbor and outside of having fun making light-hearted sarcastic comments with you, I love being an advisor and don't ever plan to retire. We just had our first son and I love everything related to Michigan sports. Trying to work on more hobbies outside of work, adjusting to being a dad and being a sports fan
                              Andrew Musbach, CFP® | Co-Founder & Financial Advisor at MD Wealth Management, LLC | Podcast Host - The Physician's Guide to Financial Wellness