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    We did a 10 day Land + Cruise package to Alaska before we had kids and my wife and I had a lot of fun. It was during the month of August when the weather in Alaska is usually best. Some people say Alaska is where old people visit when they retire but I found visiting it at the age of 30 was quite enjoyable. The outdoor wildlife, Mt. Denali, salmon bake, whale watching, glaciers, etc. were a once in a lifetime experience.


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      Hi there, Last year I visited to Hawaii and that was th most memorable trip for me. I will surely go there next time.


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        Flew to Detroit and rented a car. Caught a Tigers game.

        Drove to Cleveland, caught an Indians game.

        Drove to Pittsburgh, caught a double-header.

        Drove to Boston, caught a game at Fenway.

        Drove to New York, caught a Yankees game.

        Drove to DC, caught a Nationals game.

        Drove home.

        I week, 6 ball parks, 7 games. Ten years ago and the kids still talk about it.  


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          Heli-skiing this Winter was certainly one of my more memorable trips.
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            As a resident working crazy hours at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto then had two weeks off to spend in Capetown and along the Garden Route.  Was young, starved and overworked and everything just seemed so much sweeter than it might otherwise have.  Cost was next to nothing. Flight from Jo'burg to Capetown and then very inexpensive everything because the COL was very low to begin with and the Rand wasn't worth much so exchange rate was awesome.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.  If only I could find a time machine.


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              I agree with a Disney cruise. We are going on our 11th in November.  We always go off peak season and the cost is a little more than a non-Disney cruise but much less money and stress than Disney world. My kids are 7. We also have an RV and spend many weekends and short holidays at the local lake about 7 miles from our house. It feels like a getaway but we can still run home and check on the animals. As the girls get older I imagine we will have to change things up but this has worked great for us!


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                Don't let people in the thread tell you that you can't afford a vacation.  You know what you can afford.

                I can't imagine trying to fly across an ocean with my kids.  We've done part of an ocean, Hawaii, and while miserable for a day or two, it is a great thing.

                Best vacation is me and my wife, alone, exploring new cities in Europe.  I'm not an adventurous person in terms of hiking and wildlife and skiing, so that might not be your thing.  And I can't imagine doing it in the winter.  Having lived in Europe in the winter, I know how brutal cold it can be.

                For family, a beach vacation is the best.  Doesn't have to be Hawaii or anything special.  Just a beach and a pool and the kids are happy, and it doesn't break the bank.  Like going to Disney.  What a fraud.

                As per the cost, there are lots of things to do to get the cost down.  I have started churning cards and it has saved me thousands of dollars on vacations and it makes the planning even more fun.


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                  Clubbing in LA (in the 1980s) with friends who were scratching out a living in the local industry (mainly dancers trying to be actors and singers).
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