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Anybody use a percussion massage device?

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  • Anybody use a percussion massage device?

    Over the past year I've started to commit much more to fitness but the muscles just don't recover "like they used to". I've heard a lot about some of the newer handheld percussion massage devices and was wondering if anybody had experience and felt it was worth the cost. Also, if you had experience as to which brand & model was the best. Theragun (pro/elite/prime models) and Hypervolt seem to be some of the top brands in quick research, each with different price points.

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    Yea! I responded on the gift thread last week that it was one of the best gifts I've gotten in years! We have a Hypervolt; I think the main difference between it and the Theragun is it's quieter. I had a massage earlier this year and the therapist started out the session using one. She said it was a knock-off brand but it looked and performed just like the Hypervolt. If I recall she said it was only $25 and only had one intensity setting versus 3. I never use the higher settings so we very easily could have gotten the cheapo and been just as happy. But yes, love the hypervolt.

    You're going to hate me for saying this but I've found the #1 key to recovery is sleeping 10 hours a night.


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      I got a theragun as a gift. It’s fine. It’s absolutely not worth the money. It does nothing for general sore muscles from a recovery standpoint; nothing like an actual massage. It did help me recover faster from a couple of incidents that were more strained muscles/injuries than just soreness. But even that might just be placebo.