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    Originally posted by Turf Doc View Post

    Plus you can come up with reasons the sky is falling in basically every field. And in the ones where it's not falling, people generally dont feel like it was that great to begin with
    Right - PEs want the biggest bang for their buck, so makes sense they would go after lucrative fields/practices to begin with.


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      Originally posted by fatlittlepig View Post

      foolish attitude, you should be focused on finding the most sustainable/rewarding career rather than an arbitrary salary that will make up for whatever income you had prior to med school.
      This person seems to not like medicine but is trying to get back his invest of lost time and income while pursing md/mba….that all it is, it’s a business decision.
      Your hinting that doctors have to be paid less to “love” their job.
      Medicine is not everything to everyone.
      sometimes it’s just a job, that’s it


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        Originally posted by Turf Doc View Post

        Yep, im real interested in rads. I'd imagine derm is "better" in regards to those factors but it seems less interesting to me + i dont want to deal with trying to match that lol. thats why I'm especially interested in how the OP seemingly switched to derm successfully late in med school
        Decided shortly after my initial post here so yeah I switched/decided super late but I had the MBA year to help pump out derm applications and network. I also applied to 10 rads programs as my backup because as we have established I care about lifestyle and money, and while I had a reasonably strong app, I was still coming in late and felt like I had to be realistic. For most of the cycle, I actually ranked the rads higher but at the end of the day, common sense said derm was better for me so I went with that.
        In for a penny. In for a pound.


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          Originally posted by Kamban View Post

          As someone who has practiced medicine for a very long time, every clinical field requires that you at least care about the patients even if you actually don't like or love them. Even GI with their procedures requires that. If the patients sense that all they are to you are $$ bills, your practice will dry up. Patients are not stupid. They are keenly aware which physicians are compassionate and good in their field and will gravitate towards them. That is why you hear patients say " I want to see such and such doctor to have my gall bladder taken out".

          Your best bet is to use your MBA to try and get into into something like McKinsey Todd or another big 4 where you will be earning $1M after a few years bursting your tail or go into pharma or hospital admin. You can do any residency to pad up your medical credentials but it might not actively be used in your final field.
          What's Todd?


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            Originally posted by AR View Post

            What's Todd?
            He joined Mckinsey to make it more powerful :-)