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  • If plan to drive from Houston to Miami, what route do I take and find charging stations ?
    If I drive from Houston to Dallas?
    How much is the “charging station” and “how long”?
    5 year cost to operate and road side assistance?
    How about maintenance and repairs?
    Is this a “toy” like boat on the lake? No way is it meant for ocean travel.
    Tesla has been out for awhile. Most of the hype has been production problems and burning cash.
    Forget the price tag, marketing EV’s to the masses has fundamental problems. GIVE me one and it will soon be a doorstop. Dead battery!
    I have NEVER SEEN a recharging station in Houston, Boston or Denver, cities I have spent time in this year.
    To me, it’s the “Tesla Secret Society “.

    Let me compare to cellphones. I keep a car charger in the car and a charger at home. iPhone came out and works on any carrier. I didn’t have to research how to make it work.
    So what does Elon do?
    Tweets about buying stock or taking it private of trashing a diver rescuing soccer kids.
    Buying stock in a hyped company that has missed targets, burning cash and failed to communicate to the masses how to use it’s products is not for me.

    I would venture a guess, a Tesla owner has another car.
    To me that’s a luxury purchase like a boat.
    That certainly isn’t how EV’s are promoted.
    I don’t wish answers in the forum. Just pointing out some problems with Tesla.


    • Hey Tim,

      You've got some really good questions there.  They are the same ones that I asked before I bought my car.  The good news is that that those who've come before you and me have done much of the trailblazing.  We've had our Tesla Model 3 just under 2 months and have nearly 5,000 miles on it, due to using it for road trips from my home in the SE US to Alabama and to Virginia Beach, as well as some weekend trips for kids sports.  After those couple of trips, we'll be using it for travel to Texas at Thanksgiving.

      Doing with an EV does change things a little, and like with any change, there are some things to learn.  It is pretty easy though.  If you can use google maps to plan a route, you can use a website to plan a road trip.  The in-car navigation actually does a wonderful job of telling you when to stop and for how long.  Most of the Superchargers are at great stops, but some are a little less inviting (Chattanooga, TN you have to go into the airport for bathroom or snacks...that one sucks).

      Here is a shot I did of what it would look like to drive from my old school in West Houston to my brothers kids school in North Dallas.  One stop each way, conveniently at Collin St Bakery in Corsicana.  Route planner

      Here is a list of charging stations in Houston.  The orange ones are superchargers, the green are not superchargers.

      Houston Superchargers

      Just hitting a few points otherwise:

      How much and how long?  The car will tell you.

      Maintenance and repairs?  Maintenance is virtually none.  A coolant change every two years, a brake flush, and a cabin filter.  The car uses it's motors as generators, instead of brakes, so it saves life of brakes and puts "gas back into the tank".  This is a cost to own comparison between a Model 3 and a Camry.  I suspect it's a rose colored one, but the cost to own isn't much different than a Camry, depending on how it's equipped and how much you drive.  Cost to own.

      Burning cash and production problems.  Not my problem.  I'm doubt they go out of business at this point, and they've sold enough cars that someone will service them.

      Dead battery?  If you are smart enough to drive a car, you are smart enough not to run out of battery.  I don't think you mean it this way, but that is a strawman argument at this point.  The car just won't let you do it.

      Never seen a charging station?  I never saw until I did, now I see it most days.  Once you look for a charging station, you'll see them all over.

      If your phone only had to be charged every 3-5 days, would you still worry about charging it?  My weekly commute totals ~130 miles.  I could do that for 2 weeks between charges if that is all I drove.  In reality I plug it in in my garage every 3rd night.  I spend less time thinking about charging than I used to spend pumping gas.

      Elon tweets?  See my comment on burning cash and production problems.  They aren't your problem unless you let them be.  I don't think much more about Elon's tweets than I do Kanye West's or Kim Kardashian's.

      Tesla owner has another car?  Yep, I kept my truck for utilities.  It's been driven ~25 miles since I bought the Tesla, and only to haul some boxes to the recycling center.  On that trip, the timing chain crapped itself and I just picked it up today with a $3,300 bill.  I'm selling the ************************ thing as soon as I complete one project.  We also have an Explorer, but my wife now want's a Tesla as soon as one that fits her needs better (7 seats with + a roof rack).

      I'm assuming you are Texas based simply from your examples.  I grew up there, though after several duty stations in the mountains and an assignment back home, I decided I liked mountains better than humidity.  Talking with my friends there though, there is clearly an echo chamber about how bad EV life must be that simply doesn't relate to reality.  I doubt I change your mind with this post, but I do encourage you to keep an open mind.  I suspect you'll see things rapidly changing in front of your eyes.


      • Talking with my friends there though, there is clearly an echo chamber about how bad EV life must be that simply doesn’t relate to reality. I doubt I change your mind with this post, but I do encourage you to keep an open mind. I suspect you’ll see things rapidly changing in front of your eyes.
        Click to expand...

        This is very good information. However, the marketing message and campaign has not reached "potential buyers" en mass.

        I tried to use google maps. Then I searched.
        "CCRENDO | June 23, 2015

        The website used to show a good map but they got rid of it. Frankly the best map is in the car."The last update is on the Tesla forum, 2015.

        I simply wanted t o plan a trip from Houston to Denver. A screen shot does not help. I don't have a car. Why would I buy a car "blind" without knowing how it will really serve me? It is not easy since the "education of the public is lacking". Houston to Denver maps takes me through Amarillo. I drove this before and took a side trip to Sante Fe then onto Denver. What I found was routing me through Wichita Kansas. Very POOR education and communication from Tesla.

        With the production running around 4K per month, will it every reach volumes to survive? Car companies do fail. DeLorean is an example. Service sometimes requires "factory parts" and I doubt parts will be available IF volumes don't support remanufactered or replacement parts. This struggle for Tesla manufacturing has gone on for three years. Tesla management has not come even close to their targets or reached sustainable levels. I think there exists some risk. Both in the product and the company.

        This is not meant as a critically. If I bought one today, when would I get it? I hope you enjoy yours. Quite honestly, its great technology but the "Cool Hand Luke" failure to communicate and the failure to mass produce is a concern.

        They don't even have a one page summary, "here is how you charge it, at home and away", "here is how you get it repaired", "here is how you get it repaired", "here is how you get from point A to point B", "here is how you buy it", "here is the price". Six facts that are each educating the consumer. Maybe they make it, maybe they were ahead of their time. If I was a shareholder, I would certainly want Elon to deliver the vehicle and a one page "how to". Competition is coming. Sorry about your $3,300 bill. Elon's problem is actually your problem, finding "someone" to fix the truck was alot easier than finding repairs on your Tesla if they happen to scale back and parts aren't readily available.



        • I think based on their sales the marketing information and campaign has worked very well. Maybe it's not the best car for you, then don't buy it.

          I'm not a big tesla guy but they are unquestionably driving EV innovation which will benefit all of us regardless of the fate of the company itself.


          • Tim,

            I'm struggling to figure out some of your points.  What is the thing from 2015?  There is a fantastic map on the Tesla homepage of all the superchargers.


            There is a whole page on charging on the Tesla webpage as well.  Talks about all the types of chargers, shows a live action of somebody plugging in the car (It is exactly as simple as it shows.


            You want a map of the route from Houston to Denver?

  ,%20TX,%20USA_Houston%20Harris%20County%2 [email protected],-95.3698028&s=&d=Denver,%20CO,%20USA_Denver%20Denver%20County%20C [email protected],-104.990251

            You want to go from Houston to Amarillo (oh god why?!?!) to Santa Fe to Denver?

  ,%20TX,%20USA_Houston%20Harris%20County%2 [email protected],-95.3698028&s=Amarillo,%20TX,%20USA_Amarillo%20Potter%20County %[email protected],-101.83129689999998+Santa%20Fe,%20NM,%20USA_Santa%2 0Fe%20Santa%20Fe%20County%[email protected],-105.93779899999998&d=Denver,%20CO,%20USA_Denver%20Denver%20County%20C [email protected],-104.990251

            I actually prefer the route planner at, but that is just for getting a feel for the drive and options.  This is what the screenshot I showed earlier was from.  Once I'm in the car, I just use the nav.  There is also, it's a janky website, but it has good information about superchargers, and you can see the announced expansion plans.  The phone screen shot was from the plugshare app.  This is a good backup for finding non-tesla specific chargers.

            Will they meet critical production?  They sold 83,500 cars in q3 in just the US.  Porsche sold 66,000 worldwide and Jaguar sold 42,000 in the same time period.

            Also, Tesla is supposedly making a sustained thousand per day now, a 10% improvement over the last quarter.

            So far as competitors, everything announced so far only serves to reinforce the tech advantage and charging network Tesla has.  They so far are all smaller and less efficient (which does matter for charging and road tripping), and nobody is has plans to produce in volume for 18-36 months.  Honestly though, I'm excited to see them arrive, I just don't think they'll be Tesla killers.

            Go test drive one.  Talk to a dealer.  Talk to some owners.  Tesla isn't winning because it's electric.  They are truly making a superior product to any other car on the road, gas, electric, or otherwise.

            So far as going out of business?  It could happen.  It sure has to a lot of other car companies.  Time will tell, but I worry less and less about it every day, and with everyone who goes for a ride or drive in my car.  BTW, Delorean made 9,000 cars, Tesla is closing in on 400,000.  They aren't comparable.

            So far as delivery, again, it's on the website.  For Model 3: 4-8 weeks for dual motor.  6-10 weeks for RWD.  4-6 months for the short range, though until they sell the first one, that could certainly get delayed.    For S or X: Delivery in November, though there are generally some of these on lots.

            I enjoy talking about the cars.  I honestly haven't been so excited about a car since I was ~18.  I traded in a BMW M3 for the Tesla and as much as I loved driving it, I don't miss it, and hated the showy nature.  My 14 year old would ask me to drive her to school in the truck instead of the BMW since it was flashy, but in the Model3 on Thursday I had all her cheerleading friends competing for a ride in it over my wifes explorer (We hosted the team after school for a few hours.)


            • Get charged up with Google Maps
              Andrew Foster
              Group Product Manager, Google Maps
              Published Oct 16, 2018



              • Get charged up with Google Maps
                Andrew Foster
                Group Product Manager, Google Maps
                Published Oct 16, 2018

                Any disrupting technology innovations go through a natural development process. EV’s and self driving cars are in the middle of that. As a consumer, I would have never thought to look on Honda’s website for a trip planner or a gas station! Learn something new everyday.

                Tesla as an investment
                Tesla as a product to purchase
                Elon Musk factor- polarizing but impacts both. Just as Gates and Jobs developed cult like followings, I simply try to be agnostic to the impact. With Musk, that’s difficult to do. Innovation wise, amazing. The brash risk taking drives the disruptive gains, it also gives me pause from an investment and product viewpoint.
                Under promise and over deliver just aren’t part of his style, except for stock price!


                • It cracks me up that this is one of the (if not THE) biggest threads on WCI Forum.

                  (just adding to the legend here.)

                  I don't really care about TSLA or Musk.  The cars are fun enough, but I can live without one.


                  • So true G!  If we start a topic about EHRs, I bet that will quickly surpass this one.   Point is- EHRs were game changers to the way we practice medicine.

                    So is reElectrification of the auto industry. (remember back in early 1900s there was an even split of steam, electric, gas cars!)

                    Ford was crazy too by most measures--

                    Model T intended for the masses was introduced in 1907 but wasn't able to truly mass produced until 1913 as he tinkered with scaling his assembly line.  Sound familiar?

                    Infrastructure -  Model T introduced 1907.   First Service station for gas vehicles --  1913.   Range anxiety existed back then too!   Unlike Ford, Telsa had competition with the ICE instructure -- so it just build its own.



                    • Wow StarTrekDoc, did you hear back from CHP about whether they caught that hit and run Audi driver? The Audi clearly was in the wrong, but if the YouTube comments are any indication, he should roll the dice and go for a jury trial. It looks like he could get at least one or two idiot drivers who also never check their blind spot and would exonerate him.


                      • No, they haven't.   Sure, that maybe true from the jury standpoint on fault.   Small issue, they fled the scene and that's felony count.   This will end in plea bargain for something inbetween.


                        • Hit and run is hit and run regardless of who is at fault. Felony given injury potential.


                          • Earnings report

                            A pretty cool read.   Profitable and anticipated to maintain that with manufacturing alone.  Z credits adding a healthy $200M to the bottom line and with EV eating everyone's battery limited lunch, probably will increase that as the CARB requirements ramp up.

                            But what I found interesting --  Tesla building parts of the 3 directly in China ---- in 2019.  That's crazy.



                            • So 35K Tesla ("standard") model is here.  Does this change anyone's calculus?  I am thinking standard or standard plus, with no extra bells/whistles for under 40K, not too bad.  Standard plus comes with 240 vs. 220 (for standard) range, slight increase in performance and fit&finish.  6% increase in price for a 9% increase in performance (ha, they know how to talk my language).


                              Major concerns:  fit & finish on the car (Tesla will really push it to deliver all orders before June 30th expiry of 3750$ tax credit), charging (fear of the unknown), service & especially body work should the car get damaged, expense (still cheaper to keep my 10 year old ICE Honda, that thing is a tank could last another 10 years easily).


                              Minor concerns:  I would prefer a pickup truck, and Rivian truck looks quite appealing... but there's even more unknowns with that.  Will probably make a full pro-con list and decide by the end of the weekend.






                              • Jasons is a great channel, but this video has been the 1 thing that proves the quality problem.

                                not an issue for me as i am not planning one anytime soon. but the future, definitely would go electric.