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Letting State Medical License Lapse/Expire

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  • Letting State Medical License Lapse/Expire

    I've maintained my Connecticut physician license since residency. I've ponied up the nearly $550-600 per year for the past 10 years. I have not worked any in CT in 10 years and I think it's time I let my license lapse.

    Is there anything formal that needs to be done? Do I need to contact the Department of Public Health or can simply not renewing it and allowing it to expire suffice?

    Don't want anything negative on some hospital credentialing app, board certification status, etc. so I want to do this properly.

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    I do not really know the answer but you can try something like this.


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      Don't renew (no inactive option) already $6000 gone. You have moved, nothing negative will occur.

      From Conn Department of Pub Health:

      "Inactive Status

      There is no inactive status for licenses; a licensee would either need to keep the license current or let it lapse due to non-renewal. Once a license has lapsed due to non-renewal and the licensee subsequently would like to reactivate the license, the licensee would need to apply for and meet the requirements for reinstatement specific to the profession."


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        I do not really know the answer but you can try something like this also.


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          I have let two licenses lapse (WA and SD) and have applied for multiple licenses and privileges since with no negative consequences. No one expects that you maintain a license in a state where you are not working, and many docs change locations and allow their license to lapse. It’s not a red flag.


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            Some threads have previously mentioned having another state license as an "insurance backup". Whether it's the locums or telemedicine, it opens up some options on a short leash. Sure doesn't sound like you desire that "insurance".